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Nancy Drew movie - anaphylactic reaction

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I took my daughter (6 yr old PA) to see the Nancy Drew movie today and wanted to let you know that there is a teenage girl who has an anaphylactic reaction after kissing a boy who ate a peanut butter cookie. There was no mention of an epipen, 911 was called, and Nancy performed an emergency tracheotomy with a knife and a ball point pen. The girl was taken away by ambulance and there was a mention of Nancy saving her life. You see the girl laying on the floor and Nancy asks if she has food allergies. Her friend says

On Jun 17, 2007

Thank you for the heads up. I was planning on taking my 6 year old too.

On Jun 18, 2007

Thanks also. My (pa) 11-yo has been asking to see this.

On Jun 18, 2007

We saw it yesterday. DH and I were a bit alarmed by it, but DD was totally unfazed.

I like to think that the [i]real[/i] Nancy would have certainly known enough to look for a source of epinephrine and elevate the girl's legs, too. [img][/img] Heck, the movie Nancy probably [i]HAS[/i] an epipen in that kit of hers, right???

But I like that in the movie, IMMEDIATE action is needed, since EMS 'will be here in 10 minutes.' At least Nancy knows she can't live that long without oxygen. And that a lack of hives didn't mean it wasn't an allergic reaction.

Too bad she was under the impression that an airway is the only problem. I kept thinking AB[b]C[/b], Nancy-- [b]C!![/b]

DD identified VERY strongly with Nancy in the movie, BTW. DD even has the style thing happening. She wants penny loafers now. [img][/img]

Very much mom's personality and hers. You say 'anal'.... I say 'prepared for any eventuality....' TYVM. LOL!

We thought the movie was totally appropriate for our 8 yo DD. Formulaic, yes-- but hey, isn't that what the books have been about for about fifty years now? [img][/img]

On Jun 22, 2007

We saw the movie, today, without knowing of this scene. I agree with Lauren's first post, on this.

On Jun 23, 2007

I took my 10yo PA dd & my 5yo non-PA dd yesterday. It was a cute movie but I did not expect this scene. 10yo(almost 11) asked "Hasn't anyone ever heard of an Epi-pen?!"

------------------ 10 yo dd- PA,TNA, tests pos to soy, CATS, many environmentals, Asthmatic 5 yo dd- NKA, avoiding nuts 3 yo dd- outgrown milk/soy, avoiding nuts