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Just a post in case anyone is interested. Carolyn Keene, author of Nancy Drew books has written a book, #151. "The Chocolate Covered contest" about a girl who is PA and eats something on accident, and she goes to the hospital..all turns out alright, but just an interest.

On Dec 14, 2000

Thanks for the info. I'll have to look that one up and put it away for when DD can read! It's great when you hear of any kind of exposure regarding this allergy. It is so often misunderstood.

On Jan 26, 2001

OK, I got this book out of the library and read it. I thought if it's a good book, a good education tool, maybe I'll buy it for my neice as a gift. Bearing in mind that was I was hoping for, I was dissapointed in the book. One of the characters, Andera Castella, is the director of a school that specializes in science (called the Science Sleuths). Andrea is the charcter that has PA. The Science Sleuths take a field trip to a candy park (I think a spoof on Hersheys Park) and an employee of the park intentionally wrapped a PB candy in the wrapper of another non PB candy and gave it to Andrea to eat. Nancy Drew gave Andrea her epinepherine (plunges the needle into Andrea's arm - two words I'm not happy with either 'plunge' and 'arm') and tells someone to call 9-1-1 and Andrea goes to the hospital. All is well and Andrea is kept overnight and released the next day.