Name tag/ allergy alert?

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I was at a parent-child meeting the other day and saw a child with a bright orange sticker on his back that said something about his allergies. I definitely saw "Peanut, Egg & Milk" but I didn't catch the rest. I would love to get these for my children...has anyone seen them before? They didn't have any characters or other distractions; plan and simple.

If I don't find them, I'll just make them myself. Just thought I'd ask here!

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On Feb 7, 2005

My son has something similar and it is attached to the zipper of his coat. He wears it at recess and it is florescent orange so a teacher can see him from afar. It states his allergy and that is epi-pen is in his classroom and has his picture on it. We made it ourselves and laminated it. It is great because in the winter weather how is a teacher going to see if he has a bracelet and if a teacher sees him down and sees the tag they can go and investigate if he is OK. Hope this helps


On Feb 7, 2005

Thanks Pam! ...I think I'll make them. Great idea to laminate!! When my kids hit school age I'll definitely do that.

On Feb 21, 2005

Not sure if these are what you are looking for, but they look like a great idea!


On Mar 2, 2005

hi there,

i got stickers for my son from allergy watch. the website is he is two and we stick these on his back or on his chest at events where he will be running around. we also put one on his lunchbox and i keep them in his epi bag for whenever a time arises where he may need one. they have several options, but i found my favorite is the one that says, "do not feed this child anything." i have some peanut ones, but i don't trust that people understand that completely (know what to read on a label), so i would rather they not feed him at all. you can buy a roll of 25 stickers for pretty cheap or get a button.

On Mar 11, 2005

Thanks for your responses! I ended up buying labels at Office Max and I'm going to print them out myself. I like the idea of "Don't feed this child" since, I agree, most people don't understand allergies.

On Apr 22, 2005

We use stickers on dd's front and back that say "PLEASE DON'T FEED ME. I have food allergies." The first sentence is in red. They definitely get noticed. We just write on large labels from Office Max, etc. I will soon be transitioning to a button though, as I have found that the stickers tend to peel off as she plays.

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On Dec 14, 2005

I haven't posted these here in a long time (sorry!), but I still have shirts that specify "do not feed this child" available on my site. There are also buttons (badges), tote bags, whatever you want.

We use stickers on our sons when we drop them off at the playroom at the Y (every child is required to have their name on a sticker on his or her back), and those damned things peel off somehow, even on their backs! I'm not much of a sticker fan when it comes to warnings.


Thanks and good luck!