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I am getting a bracelet for my 3 year-old PA son who will attend preschool this fall. I am thinking about an ID bracelet versus medicalert but wonder about putting his name on the bracelet. These days, you don't want to put a child's name on their shirt or backpack out of fear that someone may try to use their name as a way of approaching them. What about a name on the bracelet? Is allergic to peanuts, use epi-pen, call 911 enough information?

On Jun 17, 2003


People all over the world are trained to look for the medic alert bracelet. They might see an identification bracelet as jewelry.

Plus most medic alert bracelets are very hard to take off yourself so kids tend to keep them on.

If the decision is a financial one I would keep his name off of the bacelet, just the other information.


On Jun 17, 2003

I've seen some id bracelets that look like jewelry but the one I was considering was from It would be medical id without the medic alert support. I don't think it would be confused with jewelry but I just wasn't sure about putting my son's name on it.

On Jun 17, 2003

I have to say, I like that with Medic Alert, my son's bracelet has a number on it. The paramedics call the 800 number and give that number and have access to his emergency information including his medical history and emergency numbers. You couldn't fit all that on a bracelet. As far as putting his name on the bracelet, right now I'm reading the book Keeping Kids Safe In An Unsafe World and the author advises against putting a child's name anywhere where it's visible. The book is making me second guess the name plate I got for his bike even.

On Jun 17, 2003

How about putting the name on the back of the ID plate?

- Sarah

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By Samantha418 on May 4, 2011

I'd go medicalert bracelet with no name (thats what I have). That way it can't be confused as jewelry.

By lynnie on May 12, 2011

When my (now 13 year old) son was 5 years old, we got him a sports band type medic alert bracelet without his name on it. Medic alert helps you figure out the wording,but it's the same type he has today. The bracelet can be replaced as it gets worn by simply mailing them the old one. The engraved part can be reused. For a boy, it's durable and looks good.

By Cathy Jenkins Hensley on Jun 22, 2011

We opted for a sports band for our 5 yr old son with a peanut allergy . It has a card inside to put all his info on and a medical alert symbol on the outside. He keeps this on all the time and we only remove it for bath time or swimming. we also purchased a bag tag with his name and our phone numbers on it for his Epi-pen bag. We put the tag on the inside encase he accidentally leaves his bag somewhere.