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Are Nabisco Oreo cookies safe for p.a./tree-nut allerg.? Do any of you know of p.a./tree nut reactions that have occured from eating Nabisco products? Do you trust their labeling? What about General Mills? What about Kellogs? I know I always need to call to confirm no cross-contamination or presence of nuts of any kind for myself but was just wondering if you have had any problems with their products. I usually keep my p.a. child away from store bought sweets & crackers because over the last couple years the few products I purchased (store brands: cookies, crackers, pop tarts) all eventually now have the "may contain" labels. This has me so paranoid I can't bring myself to buy any of these items anymore. I don't trust store brands anymore at all. The Alerts & Food Recalls post is great and helps me make informed decisions on what to avoid. I need some guidance in selecting items we can purchase and may be avoiding needlessly. It would help to hear others recommendations.

I would love to see a post on the list of all boards where we could posts our "Favorite Food Items" by catagories (cookies, crackers, ice cream, candy, etc.) with the understanding and disclaimer, of course, it is each person's responsibility to follow up with the manufact. to confirm it is a nut free product. Is this a good idea???

On Apr 29, 2000

I do not trust store brands for the soul reason that sometimes the crackers come from one source, and other times another source.

I do allow my daughter to eat Oreos and she has been fine. I have been staying away from Keebler as they have been on a rampage relabeling a good number of their products as "may contain" or "peaanut traces" My daughter also eats Ritz crackers and some of the Gerber graduate products (animal crackers and cereal squares) and she is 5 1/2. So I guess the answer is I trust nabisco. I also called them and asked about their products. I was pretty comfortable with their answers, esp. as they told me the natural flavors in thier products is Vanilla Extract.

Hope this helps.

On Apr 29, 2000

Hi - I also give my son Oreos and Ritz crackers on occasion. I have called Nabisco 3-4 times and I am happy with their reply but I will keep studying the label and calling them. They have told me if the product is made on shared equipment they will list the "may contain" statement on the label. I was also letting him eat Nutrigrain bars (after calling Kellogs) but I read in the boards here that some children were reacting after eating them so I switched to Gerber fruit bars - we have a baby in the house anyway and my 4 year old loves them.

On Apr 29, 2000

My son has had no problems eating Oreos, the regular kind of Chips Ahoy (no eggs), Ritz, Town House crackers, Honey Maid graham crackers. Truthfully, I have never called about any of these products. Maybe I should??? He has never had a problem with them. I love your idea of a Favorite Foods board. Tracy

On May 16, 2000

My pa son eats Oreo's, honey maid graham crackers, and ritz crackers. We have never had any problem with Nabisco products. I just make sure to read the label every time.

On May 17, 2000

My almost 2 year old son is allergic to peanuts, almonds, and cashews. He is not (THANK GOD) allergic to dairy or eggs. You have never seen a child eat as much dairy as my son.

I have given him Oreos once or twice, but stopped because I don't like changing those diapers afterwards! No problem with those.

He also eats Keebler Town House crackers with no problem. I used to feed him Chips Ahoy, but I recently saw that the company manufactures "bite-size" cookies made with pecans. So now I don't give him those. He also eats some Saltines, reg. Cheerios, and cheddar gold fish crackers. That's about the extent of our prepared snacks (probably too many anyway). I don't give him Ritz crackers because the company also makes them with peanut butter. The company is probably safe, but just looking at the two packages side by side makes me uneasy.

I hope that helps. Good luck.

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On May 23, 2000

I dont give my pa son any Ritz products. There are Ritz Bits crackers that have peanut butter in the middle, and even the cheese Ritz Bits have "may contain peanuts" on the ingredient list. General Mills is my favorite brand for labeling.

On May 24, 2000

I allow Jamie to eat Oreo Cookies and have never had a problem. General Mills (Betty Crocker) is very good about listing food allergy products on a seperate line in their ingredients and again as an "allergy alert" on the back of their cake mixes and frostings. This is the only type of cake/frostings that we purchase.

Stay safe,

------------------ Fran

On May 24, 2000

I agree. I only buy Betty Crocker products for baking. It's not worth the risk to do otherwise. As far as Nabisco goes, a friend of mine is a food scientist there. She said that if there is even a chance of cross-contamination they will list "may contain peanuts" on the label. Don't take my word for it though! I would call and check just to be sure.

On May 25, 2000

Fromthesouth; I like your idea of favorite foods post. Also for reference here is a link to some food manufacturer's phone numbers: [url=""][/url]

On Mar 21, 2001

brought this back up because it has Keebler and a link to some food manufacturer's phone numbers - see above post.

Sue in sunny Arizona

On Apr 5, 2001

I spoke to someone from Nabisco a little while ago. They seem to be on top of the labeling thing. I bought a new cookie "chips ahoy candy blasts" with candy pieces in them.(kind of like M&Ms) The next shelf down had chips ahoy peanut butter cookies. The cookies I bought said nothing on the label about peanuts, so I called. The person I spoke with was very helpful, and said if there is ever a chance their products have peanuts in them, they will be labeled as such. The interesting thing was she said to make sure you read the label EVERY TIME (where have we heard that before?) because over the next months, sometmes they will have warnings, sometimes they won't. I, for one, feel pretty safe with this company, with all that's been in the news lately about things not being labeled truthfully. Beth

On Apr 26, 2001

Hi Beth,

I had just finished e-mailing Nabisco regarding their Chips Ahoy cookies as I just today spotted the new "Peanut Butter" Chips Ahoy in the grocery store today and came on to post about the new cookies when I saw your post. [img][/img]

I will post back their response to me and hopefully it will be the same information that was given to you over the phone.

------------------ Stay Safe.

On Apr 27, 2001

I called on the Chips ahoy and was told that whenever a product becomes "unsafe" it will be listed on the ingredients. She said we can continue to enjoy our Chips Ahoy (yippee! I can just imagine the reaction if I told him he couldn't have those anymore either) and not to worry about them.

On Apr 28, 2001

I received an e-mail response from Nabisco (USA) and was told to call them with any questions so I'll be calling them first thing Monday morning regarding the Chips Ahoy.

Let's hope I receive the same response you all have gotten!

------------------ Stay Safe.

On Apr 30, 2001

I called Nabisco on several occasions to make sure their product was safe. Each time I was assured that if there was a chance of peanuts being in the product, it would be stated on the label. However, I called last week when I found out one of their cookies is made with peanut flour. This is what I was told: EVERYTHING IS MADE ON SHARED EQUIPMENT which is cleaned between runs! I have not found any cookie or cracker which is made on a dedicated line. To be safe, I make all my sons' cookies and desserts. Please advise if you know of a truly safe food.

By on Apr 17, 2013

there is a great "safe food" website (called Snack ) with a snack list that includes foods free of peanut, tree nuts & egg. the parents who compile the list update it every month AND take the time to call all manufacturers to assure that the safety of the foods are true & current. It's a great site for allergy families. i, too, am VERY hesitant to continue to purchase the plain CHIPS AHOY & OREO cookies now that i've seen there newest versions include Peanut Butter! i am pretty disappointed, honestly that many food producers continue to roll out new products that include Peanuts/Tree Nuts in light of the very serious & ever growing issue with SEVERE nut allergies. So many more children are being diagnosed now & for whatever reason, these companies have chosen to only NOW come out with NUT versions of their products. We were fine without them for this long...WHY now?? Cheerio's also just came out with a PB version.. I went to their website this morning and it claims they can assure consumers that they are vigilant about keeping products free of cross contaminants. Not sure I want to test that out. Good luck to us all. Praying for an immunization/cure!