Nabisco Graham Crackers safe or not?


Just wanted to check the safety on the Nabisco Graham crackers.. I called recently and I always am more confused after calling .. the girl was clearly reading and seemed to know little else..Any new word on these .. Do you feel safe still using these.. with the holidays they are in alot of recipes I use .. thanks for the help.. Kathy Ann

On Nov 16, 2003

We have always used them wihtout any problems(regular honey and cinnamon). I did call, but got the usual, that they will lable for any risk of cross contam., but no real info on dedicated lines, etc... But, we do use them without troubles. becca

On Nov 17, 2003

New Mornings Graham Crackers sold at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Mothers ect., are made in a peanut and tree nut facility -they only make graham crackers. Cinnamon and honey.

On Nov 17, 2003

We use New Morning also, although our local Wild Oats has switched over to carrying another brand. They make (or rather I use them to make) a very good pie crust. Add egg free chocolate pudding, and it makes a really nice, safe dessert. [img][/img]