mystery reaction - hives


My 2-year old daughter has is PA and EA. She had one anaphylactic reaction at age 10 months after ingesting a small taste of a peanut butter cup. The blood test also showed an egg allergy. We have avoided peanut and egg since we have found out. Over the last year and half, we've had a three hive outbreaks which required Benedryl. The third one happened last night. Last night and the time before, she was wearing the same dress. It's her Easter dress from last year. It has a pretty ribbon/bow on the front left side. It is positioned so it brushes on her arm sometimes. This is where the hives were last night, just on that one arm. The last time she wore it, the hives were all over her body. Have any of you heard of an allergic reaction to a ribbon material or coating they put on a ribbon to keep it stiff? As far as I know she is not latex allergic. Her doctor has used latex gloves and it has never caused a problem.

On Feb 16, 2005

I know sometimes when a piece of material irritates me it can give me a hive or two, and then I make it worse by scratching. As far as her whole body in hives, the only think I can think of is was the dress dry cleaned? Or did you use new laundry detergent? Maybe it's the chemicals she reacted to. It might not have even been the dress. Did she eat anything that day that may have been cross contaminated?

If your curious about a latex allergy, I would ask her doctor, maybe she can be tested. Good luck!

On Feb 16, 2005

On the off chance is this dress a particluar color that she happens never to wear? You could be allergic to dyes in clothes but its usually red i believe.

Maybe its the fabric of the dress or bow or underlining of the dress