myrtle beach


We are renting a condo on Ocean Isle Beach NC and will be doing day trips to Myrtle Beach. Does anyone know of any restaurants, fast food or otherwise that are safe for PA.

On Jul 9, 2006

Well I'm spending a week at Myrtle Beach in August so I'd like to know of any experiences there too.

I know there is a House of Blues there - we've eaten at other ones without a problem but not that particular one. We've also dined at Hard Rock (elsewhere) without issues so we are guessing that one will be safe. I plan to make some calls once I get down there.

On Jul 9, 2006


We've been to MB a couple of times lately and usually have stuck to chains with which we are familiar. Let's see -- no problem at the Cracker Barrel (well, except for the slow service), and I know we've eaten at the KFC. Have fun!

------------------ Jamey

On Jul 11, 2006

We are recently back from our trip to Ocean Isle beach NC. We cooked in the condo most nights, but we did have a few good meals in restaurants.

We had dinner at House of Blues at Barefoot Landing in N.Myrtle Beach without any problems. My son had the ribs. He even had the ice cream (Breyers) vanilla for desert. That is a huge treat for him. He almost never gets desert in a restaurant here at home (ON. Canada).

We also went to Capt. Johns for seafood in Calabash NC without any problems. My son has just the PA/TN allergy. Luckily no shellfish worries and he loved the shrimp.

If you are willing to drive the half hour to Ocean Isle Beach, there is a great place called the Giggling Mackeral. The food was great but the wait was long! also no problems there. Its a great spot to sit on the deck and watch the sunset while you wait for your table. Sub Way for subs is always a safe choice for lunch.