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Posted on: Wed, 02/26/2003 - 2:21am
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Hi everyone- I just got engaged this weekend and am wondering if anyone knows a safe place to get a wedding cake made??? Our 2 yr old son is allergic to peanuts & tree nuts- and I never give him baked goods outside of my own kitchen. Has anyone else dealt with this situation and have any ideas?? Thanks!

Posted on: Wed, 02/26/2003 - 2:27am
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First of all Congratulations on your engagement!
I am PA/TNA and got married about a year ago. The cake was included in the reception. I spoke with the catering manager and with the person who was making the cake. I NEVER eat desserts when I am out, so I was very concerned. The Pastry chef was very aware of PA - one of her friends is PA. I had some cake and was fine.
I guess you need to talk to whoever makes the cake. If you aren't comfortable maybe you can make a special little cake for your son.
Wish I could be more help! Good luck and have fun planning everything!
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Posted on: Wed, 02/26/2003 - 4:23am
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I see that you are in NY, however, I know of a nut free bakery that just opened in January located in Seattle. Im not sure if they can ship a cake, but if they can, it might be worth looking into. Also, they may know of another bakery in your area that is nut free. Here is their info:
No Nuts Here Bakery
You can call them at (206) 760-4148 for questions and to order. Their fax is (206) 760-4915
Also, CONGRATULATIONS!! [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 02/26/2003 - 5:12am
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Where in NY? There's a very safe bakery in Westport, CT. The owner's relative is PA.

Posted on: Wed, 02/26/2003 - 11:23pm
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My friend had a small (75 people) but beautiful wedding and made her own cake. She made the cake layers beforehand and froze them. Then the day before frosted them all ivory and layered them. She added fresh flowers and it looked wonderful.
Good Luck!

Posted on: Thu, 02/27/2003 - 12:10am
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Congratulations! I see you are from my hometown- are you getting married there? If so, you may want to get in touch with the woman who made my wedding cake. She was very easy to work with and it was the best cake I've had at a wedding. Her name is Susie Lunkey (or Tunkey- can't read my own writing! lol) at 655-1407. She does fantastic work. Or, you could just make a small cake for your son. He might like his own special cake and you wouldn't have the extra worry. Good Luck, Kelly

Posted on: Thu, 02/27/2003 - 12:24am
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One thing I am always sure to be on the look out for now when we attend a wedding is fondant icing. A friend of mine works for a catering business that does a lot of weddings. She said they have had cakes with fondant icing where they had to tell people as they were handing out the cake, that the icing contains peanut oil. I thought this was so wonderful that they do that!!! But now I always ask ahead of time about the icing. Even though I would never let dd eat it, I still worry about people having it all over their face and hands and then touching dd.
[img][/img] kcmom

Posted on: Thu, 02/27/2003 - 3:26am
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There is also a nut free bakery in Brookline(near Boston) and not sure if they can ship. The baker is PA/TNA. It is in the peanut free businesses section, I think and I will raise it.
I see you are in Buffalo. Perhaps there may be a Canadian baker or bakery that is nut free. It is closest and the Canadian labeling and policies seem much more aware than the states. Just some ideas. Best wishes on your engagement and wedding! And welcome. becca

Posted on: Thu, 02/27/2003 - 3:52am
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Emmysmomma -- can you provide info on the bakery in Westport CT? My sister is getting married in New Haven. Thanks.

Posted on: Thu, 02/27/2003 - 9:14am
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Emmysmom: are you referring to "Great Cakes" in Westport? My daughter attends a pn free nursery school in Norwalk and Great Cakes and AngelaMia (in Norwalk) are the only 2 bakeries we are allowed to bring things in from. On Monday, I sent in cupcakes from Great Cakes for her birthday and they were delicious. They do use nuts there,(although I didn't see peanuts) which prompted me to ask why this was deemed an "acceptable" bakery. The answer was that the owner's daughter is pa, so he's quite aware of allergy issues.
Also, a friend of mine got her wedding cake there and said it was really good. I heard they deliver, but you'd have to contact them to confirm this.

Posted on: Thu, 02/27/2003 - 10:59am
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I have no recommendations for you, but wanted to send my best wishes. [img][/img]


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