My twins have peanut allergies


Hello. My name is Kim and my two yr. old twins have peanut allergies. I am trying to get rid of all the items in our house that have peanuts and tree nuts in them. My husband thinks I am going overboard because they have not had any reactions to some tree nuts that they have tried. I was told by our allergist that we should keep them off all nuts until they are old enough to be tested for individual tree nuts. I have been trying to look on-line to find articles that say to keep your home free of peanuts and tree nuts so he can understand where I am coming from, but none of the articles I have found say it is what you have to do. He does not feel he needs to change is diet because they might have a problem with tree nuts. We have been very fortuante in that they only had the skin allergy to peanuts. They have never injested peanuts, but when trying peanut butter they both broke out in hives. They never ate it, which was a good thing. He also feels because they don't get into things like most kids their age that we have a while to get rid of everything. I really don't want to take the chance, but I can't really fight him on it any more. Please let me know if there is any difinitive answers out there.

Thanks, Kim Kaholo

By jenniferbfab on Jul 2, 2009

Hi Kim,

Welcome to My first thought is how about getting your husband to visit the allergist with you, so he can hear it straight from the allergist? I cannot think of a website or document about avoiding tree nuts off the top of my head; I will do some digging. I do think, however, that the allergist should be authority enough, if you can arrange for a visit with your husband.

Maybe another member can remember a helpful document or article as well.

Jennifer B

By BestAllergySites on Jul 5, 2009


Welcome to!

To answer your quesiton-there is no hard and fast rule that states you have to keep peanuts out of the house if there is a family member with peanut allergies. And I can't think of any valid article that states that either.

That being said-there are many families that do, there are also some that don't and put good eating and cleaning practices into place.

As Jennifer mentioned-your husband should go to the allergist with you so that the allergist can explain how a reaction occurs.

Also-it might help him if you make up a list of all the reasons to keep peanuts out of the home.

For us it's:

-our kids could get into the pantry or fridge and find/eat the food themselves.

-a babysitter or friend or family member might accidentally give our kids the peanut containing food

-WE might accidentally give the kids the peanut containing food (this has happened to people before-it's really hard to keep food items separate and remember which is which and label etc.)

That's a starter list you can use to hopefully convince him. I would hope that explaining to him that it only takes one potential reaction to end a life would be enough.

In time he may come around. Perhaps he can eat peanuts and tree nuts at work?

Best of luck! Ruth