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I've been lurking here for over a year. My daughter (Grace) had an anaphylactic reaction to a Reese's PB cup a year ago, when she was just 10 months old. She was at the sitters and they gave her a small taste. She seemed to like the first sample, so they gave her a bit more. No more than 1/4 tsp total. Within a minute she was red in the face. Within 5 minutes she was having difficulty breathing - wet raspy sound and broke out in very large hives. The sitter rushed her to the emergency care place, because they didn't think they'd make it to the hospital in time. I was called. When I got there she was given an epi shot and breathing treatments within 20 minutes she was almost back to normal (although she was a little hyper from the shot). After talking to her pediatrician the next day, we had her blood tested for other allergies. The results came back 4 for egg and 5 for peanut. A couple of tree nuts were at 2, so we just avoid all nuts and eggs. I have learned a lot from this board and visit it regularly to check on manufacturers and restaurants. Just thought I'd finally come out of lurkdom to tell my story. I also posted a news article in Media from my local paper today.

On Nov 12, 2004

Hi Gracesmom,

Glad you came out of "lurkdom" to join in!

What an awful experience for you and your family. I'm glad to hear she was treated promptly and properly.

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On Nov 12, 2004

Hi Gracesmom, I am new to this as my 10 mos old was dx last week with severe PA & EA. How have you felt with the sitter since that time & her ability to use the epi pen. Noah has not yet had a sitter, but right now I am not sure I could emotionally leave him with someone else (except my husband), the epi & directions. Just wonder what your experience has been over the last year. I am still coping with guilt too, as I have spilled over other threads & boards here. Thanks for sharing, little noah's mommy

On Nov 15, 2004

Sorry to hear about little Noah.

I completely understand your apprehension about leaving Noah with anyone. It was difficult for me at first. I do have confidence that Grace's sitter would use the Epi-Pen if necessary. Up until last week, Grace was the only one at sitters, so she got plenty of one-on-one attention (they took on a new baby last week). Her sitter has 20+ years experience of watching kids (after she raised her own). It's like Grace goes to Grandma's house every week day. The sitter has watched children that had diabetes before, so she is not afraid of giving shots, when needed. Grace has only had one other sitter since her diagnosis, so I understand about being concerned about their ability to use the Epi-Pen. I was really nervous that evening when the young sitter (her 14 yr old cousin) was watching her, but it was in our home, so I know there were no peanuts around. We just went out to dinner and came home, we were gone only about 1.5 hours. The good news is in the past year we've never had to use the Epi-Pen. We've had two outbreaks of hives, which we used Benedryl and that's been the only allergy issues we've had in a year. We read labels and are careful with what she eats. We ask many questions at restaurants (although most of the time she only eats what we bring for her.)It does get easier with time. It becomes a normal part of life.