My sons bad reaction this summer (very long!!)

Posted on: Tue, 04/18/2000 - 4:56am
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My son (4

Posted on: Tue, 04/18/2000 - 8:14am
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pWOW!! What an experience! I read your post on the introduction board that mentioned you had posted your peanut exposure on this board. My son just turned 3 and has been PA since he was 12 mos. We've never had to use the epi pen yet (just one trip to the ER before epi pen was prescribed) and hope we never have to. It's so good that you understood enough about the reaction to administer the epi pen and probably save your son's life. I'm also glad that you don't have that kind of food in your house anymore. That is the one place where I feel my son is "safe" since our house is peanut-free and we are extremely diligent about reading each and every label on the food that we bring into the house. It sounds like you already have a lot of experience in the "peanut allergy" department but I'm still learning everyday just by reading these boards. There is so much information out there so if you have the time--keep reading! Good luck!/p

Posted on: Tue, 04/18/2000 - 11:08am
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pHi i hate peanuts. What a great name. It helps you to tell us of your experience and it helps all of us to know there are others that share the same problem as us. I hope you never have a terrible night like the one you described again. Good for you for using the epi pen. Andy/p

Posted on: Tue, 04/18/2000 - 11:50pm
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Thanks for telling us about your really does help to hear how other people handle reactions and at what point they make their decisions. It has shown me that we all know our own children /
I am that you have administered the epipen you think you will be less anxious the next time? (I pray you never need it again!). I think we all have this love/hate relationship with the epipen. It is a necessary thing to have around..but using it seems so intimidating! I have only used an expired one in a grapefruit before (to try and see what it would be like). We have another expiring this month and it is my husband's turn to try it out!/p

Posted on: Wed, 04/19/2000 - 1:51pm
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pHi again Hope: Yes, I hope and pray we neverbr /
have to use the epi again but if we do I willbr /
feel like I know what I am doing and maybe it won't be so scary (I think). I have hadbr /
the epi-pens since he was one year andbr /
was always soooo afraid about having to usebr /
it. I would ask the allergist at everybr /
yearly checkup how I would know when to usebr /
it or if I should wait...Especially when hebr /
was smaller I was so afraid because his legsbr /
were so small! I would put the trainer upbr /
to his leg and pushing it seemed like Ibr /
would be hurting him and I always thoughtbr /
that a needle would go right into his bonebr /
or something. As you can see I was prettybr /
panicky about it. When this episode happenedbr /
I knew this could be *the biggy* (a reallybr /
bad reaction) because it was peanut. Thisbr /
was his first and only reaction to /
His other bad reaction was to egg andbr /
fairly milder reactions (hives, sneezing...)br /
were from wheat and dairy. So, Benadrylbr /
always did the trick. I knew that if Ibr /
didn't use the epi-pen that he maybe couldbr /
die. I remember this as if it were yesterdaybr /
because it was the scariest thing that hasbr /
ever happened in my life. I almost hesitatebr /
to mention this, because it may make me soundbr /
really bad, but I will: when I took my sonbr /
out of the shower and his lips were swollenbr /
and his body was popping out with the hives,br /
I told him I had to give him his shot. Hebr /
immediately began crying and I took thebr /
trainer out and used it on my own leg andbr /
told him that it really didn't hurt thatbr /
much. Terrrible isn't it!!? I was panickedbr /
and didn't know what else to do and therebr /
was so little time to think. I sat him onbr /
my lap, put the real epi-pen against hisbr /
leg, closed my eyes and pressed it in likebr /
you do with the trainer. I knew it went inbr /
when he started screaming loudly. Ofbr /
course then you have to hold it in for abr /
few seconds, so I just held him tight. Thebr /
doctor at the ER, after getting over hisbr /
amazement at our having and using the epi-pen, said they have no idea what the reactionbr /
or outcome might have been if I didn't givebr /
it to him. I know for my son that reactionsbr /
with dairy, and maybe egg (depends on howbr /
much) can be handled well with Benedryl. Ifbr /
it ever is a peanut I will *immediately* givebr /
the epi-pen. I still am always worried thatbr /
for some reason, the two epi-pens I havebr /
would be defective or won't work or something. But that's me; always seem to have to worry about something. But, I'mbr /
not as afraid to use the epi now that I knowbr /
I can do it. Sorry this reply is so longbr /
again. I really ramble on and on when Ibr / /

Posted on: Wed, 04/19/2000 - 7:40pm
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pReading your story makes me cry! WE have not had to use the epi so far. Thank God! I can only imagine what it must have been like for you. It helps to hear other people describing what it is like to actually use it on their kids. Thanks for sharing./p

Posted on: Thu, 04/20/2000 - 3:30am
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pI just wanted to say that it does not sound terrible the way you handled the situation. I had to use an Epi-PEn on my duaghter last spring and was unsure and needed the back up because I discharged the first through the grey cap into the air./p
pThe ER doctors were reat where we went and gave the oral steroids and a glass of juice to my daughter. They also told me that once an Epi-pen is use to call 911 and say that an Epi Pen has been administered as the Epi con last as little as 10 minutes and that you can crash coming off of it./p
pHow did your son do with the oral steroid at home? They make my daughter gag under the best of situations and she has to have ice or something else frozen before and after to numb her mouth./p

Posted on: Thu, 04/20/2000 - 11:24am
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pWow, you guys! Thanks for sharing your stories. We haven't had to use the Epi-pen yet (knock on wood) but in the beginning (about a year ago now -- how time flies!) I dreamt several times about our son (now 2)having a reaction and in my dreams I always immediately used it. This has given me confidence that if the time comes, I'll be able to do it (although I, too, question if I'll really recognize it quickly). When our son had his first and only reaction they gave him multiple shots of epinepherine (in addition to Benadryl and steriods) to counter his reaction. He also had oral steroids for a couple days after which he handled fine. We have MANY Epi-pens just in case we screw up, they malfunction, or one or two aren't enough. It's so scary to think about using them but better to think about it and be prepared than deny it could ever happen./p
pTracy -- I noticed in another post you said you live in Wisconsin. Where? We're in Mpls/St. Paul area. ANy chance you're going to the Food ALlergy Network's conference in Chicago April 29? I'll be going and driving from here on Friday and planning to spend the night in Madison at my Dad's Saturday night before heading back on Sunday. Do you live along the way?/p
pStay safe everyone and be brave! Nina./p

Posted on: Thu, 04/20/2000 - 2:43pm
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pMarylynn: My son hated the steroid medicinebr /
(if I remember correctly). Actually by thebr /
next day he was completely fine. You neverbr /
would have guessed the ordeal he had gonebr /
through the day before. I think I was tobr /
give the steroids for like 3 days but by thebr /
3rd day we didn't finish. Maybe we shouldbr /
have but it really didn't seem necessarybr /
at the time. That is a good idea aboutbr /
eating something frozen before hand. I willbr /
keep that in mind. What do you mean aboutbr /
coming off of the epi-pen and crashing? /p
pNina: I live in a small town called /
It's about 20 minutes NE of Steven's Pointbr /
which is about in the middle of the /
It is maybe 2/p

Posted on: Fri, 04/21/2000 - 6:24am
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pTracy -- I'll make sure to post after the conference. Take care, Nina./p

Posted on: Fri, 04/21/2000 - 1:28pm
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pWhat I was told by the ER dr. was that the epi could last as little as 10 minutes and the next reaction could be worse than the my daughter's case her airway could become completely blocked without any other symptoms. Therefore we should be with a medical team that would have life saving devises./p

Posted on: Fri, 04/21/2000 - 3:34pm
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pThank you Marylynn for explaining. I ambr /
definitely checking into getting more thanbr /
2 /

Posted on: Sat, 04/22/2000 - 5:59am
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pWe have had to use the epi on my eldest child several times. The most recent was just a week ago. At ten years of age he definitely experiences periods of denial. He was out and bought himself a candy bar, and immediately began coughing, wheezing, and felt his throat closing.(one small bite)/p
pHe immediately confessed to my husband of what he had done. My husband got a hold of the label and yes there it was: he had consumed without a doubt./p
pWhat happenned next scares me. My son did not feel taking epi was necessary. He did not want to have to spend an evenning at the E.R.. Of course, we injected and then proceded to the hospital./p
pI used to believe it became easier as time went on. I must now face the facts that as I let out the leash and give my son more freedoms that the real trials and tribulations have just begun./p
pAdolescents are huge risk takers. No one wants to be different and this is extremely un-nerving. This last episode definitely has us reeling./p
pI hope and pray that he won't take a chance again like that one. We have done everything in our power to educate and pass on our knowledge to him. I would say he always reads the labels. (even after we do)/p
pAt ten, he has been taught to self inject. We have repeated under no circumstances is he not to inject with a known ingestion...especially if we are not there to assess the situation for/with /
Hopefully, if he ever has another accidental ingestion while away from our eyes he will do what he knows and save the questions for /
Wow, did I ever go on and on. When we gave him the injection, we ran into the pharmacy asked the pharmacist to fill our perscription of three epi's. (he was with us there doing some shopping at a small plaza and we allowed for him to look around a little on his own.) For him in the past, he has had phasal reactions that rebound and become worse with it's re-emergence....6 shots of epi during one reation!!!!!....Anyways, I wanted to make sure we had plenty to make the trip to the hospital./p
pMy one comment about his treatment was that he left with the usual steroids, but they did not make sure we left with another supply of epi. This is very important because you can REBOUND....even after observation. We know because the first time this happenned that's exactly what we dealt /
We have three children with this and that's why we made it....Our doctor perscribes 3 epibr /
to be filled at a time. I hope I didn't go on too long! jl/p

Posted on: Sun, 04/23/2000 - 12:42pm
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pJL -- Wow... This (the risk taking) is the kind of thing I most fear when I think into the future (our son is only 2 now). Thank you for sharing your experience with multiple epis in one episode and the rebound. It helps keep me grounded in that we can never be too prepared. Good luck with everything and please keep us posted as to how it goes through the years and with all 3 kids. You're in my thoughts. Nina./p

Posted on: Sun, 04/23/2000 - 2:12pm
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pJl: Thanks for telling us your /
How does your son feel now that this reactionbr /
occured? Does he now realize that this stillbr /
is serious for him? My son still remembersbr /
a little bit about the experience he had. Ibr /
often remind him of it saying how we don'tbr /
want that to happen again. He certainly seems to remember the glow in the darkbr /
bandaid he got! Am I correct in thinkingbr /
that from what you said that you have 3br /
children with peanut allergies? Is this sonbr /
the oldest? You are right about the ER notbr /
refilling the epi-pen. We only had (have)br /
two and of course used one. I had to gobr /
several days with only one until I could getbr /
to the pharmacy. That was a little /
I sure hope your son and other children staybr /
safe!br /

Posted on: Sun, 04/23/2000 - 2:16pm
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pJl: Another quick question: how long didbr /
it take for this rebound reaction in yourbr /
son? You said it was even after /
We were fortunate that our son did not havebr /
this happen but I was wondering how long itbr /
may take. I wonder if we would have stillbr /
been in the ER or if we would have been homebr / /

Posted on: Mon, 04/24/2000 - 12:38am
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pHi All,br /
I have three children who are all very allergic to many different things. My oldest and my youngest are tree nut and peanut allergic. The middle child of the family has no food allergies, but has had the misfortune of developing a bee sting allergy. They all have environmental allergies and severe cases of asthma. My youngest is also latex /
As for my 10 year old, I truly hope will not take any more chances./p
pWhen he had his rebound reaction, he had been sent home after neary 5 hours at the E.R.. We put him to bed and I was have trouble falling asleep. Thank Heavens for that because nearly an hour after his return home he was making barely audible moans, was swollen from head to toe, and was difficult to awaken. It is close to the unthinkable as I ever want to come./p
pWe were very lucky to have heard him and that everyth ing turned out alright for him./p
pMay it never happen again./p

Posted on: Tue, 04/25/2000 - 12:14pm
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pJl:br /
Wow! What a lot to deal with. Thanks forbr /
sharing that and for telling about thebr /
rebound. That is scary! I'm glad to knowbr /
about this possibility. And to everyonebr /
else too: I now have 4 epi-pens instead ofbr /
just the two! I am so relieved! It was nobr /
problem in getting them. I guess I couldbr /
have had more all along and just didn'tbr /
realize it. I'm so glad this website isbr /
here to /

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