My son is no longer reacting to peanuts?

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My son, Brayden, was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at 1 year old. He reacted to the skin prick test, we never had a reaction to peanuts, although we have always kept him away from them since finding out. I finally was able to get his skin test redone yesterday, he is a little over 2 years old now. The doctor came in, and told me he was no longer reacting to peanuts! He orderd a rast test to be sure, and I will get those results in a few days. Let me add that I believe my son was only mildly allergic. He had accidentally had something that had the warning "may contain peanuts" and had no reaction. Also, before we knew he was allergic, my daughter would eat pb&j sandwiches, and play with him afterward, with no reaction. I am posting this because I thought this was not possible. When I first found out about his peanut allergy, I was very afraid, and I know, it can be deadly. I am hoping to give maybe a little hope to someone, who like me, thought there was none.

By BestAllergySites on Jul 30, 2010

I'm glad to hear of your son's experience. That's great!

For others, keep in mind that no reaction to "may contains" foods does not mean your child is allergic. It just means there may or may not have been trace amounts of allergen in the food.

Also, for those of you who have children that test positive to peanuts or any other allergen--with no history of an actual reaction to the food---you should consult with your allergist as to whether a challenge is necessary.

There is a high rate of false pos results on both skin prick and blood testing.

By terraluvsdavid on Jul 30, 2010

Good to know. Maybe it could have been a false positive? I always had a gut feeling he would not have a life threatening allergy, but i chalked that up to denial. And he also had something that said processed in a facility that processes peanuts and was fine. Hopefully the blood test comes back negative. He also has outgrown his milk allergy, but is still allergic to eggs, dogs, cats, housedust, mold and "olive tree pollen" how random is that? Anyway, it sure feels like a sigh of relief because I know that a peanut allergy can kill a person quick.

By Mrsdocrse on Jul 31, 2010

Hi There, Keep us posted on what happens with the blood test. I would ask your doctor for a food challenge if the blood test comes back negitive just to be sure. If he has never actually eaten it and had a reaction, I agree seems to be a false positive. Has he had an actual reaction to eggs?

Good Luck!

By terraluvsdavid on Aug 2, 2010

Yes, he has had reactions to all his allergens, ecxept for the peanuts. The milk and egg used to break him out in angry hives all over his face. He does fine with baked goods, however. The doctor said that the milk and egg allergy was easier to outgrow. i believed the peanut allergy because I had crazy peanut butter cravings when I was pregnant with him, and ate it often. I know there is no definate proof to support that, but it helped me to make sense of why he would have a peanut allergy. i will post an update as soon as blood test results come back, and thanks for the tip about the food challenge. I will definatly request one!

By terraluvsdavid on Aug 5, 2010

just posting to update, i got the results of the rast test today, and he tested negative for peanuts, but he still is moderatly allergic to dairy and egg.

By Leticia on Aug 6, 2010

Congratulations!!!! I don't even know you, but your news about his negative test results just made my day and brought tears to my eyes. God bless you and your family!!! Have a GREAT weekend.

By terraluvsdavid on Aug 6, 2010

Thanks, Leticia! We definatly feel blessed! Appreciate your wonderful comment! :)