my son has PA


Hi everybody. I have a 5 year old son that has PA. He is going to kindergarden this year and I am very worried that something might happen. I also have a 3 year old girl. We live in New Hampshire. Do any of you have these worries? Contact me if you'd like. We just bought him a medic alert braclet also. Take care.........Julia.

On Aug 19, 2002

Hi Julia, My son just started pre-school and I spent most of last year reading and learning about PA and Schools. I learned soooooo much here! After meeting with the principal, teachers and nurses and discussing PA, we wrote a health plan and agreed on accomodations. I feel a lot better, but I still worry.

I'm now working on next year (Kindergarten). I'm planning on meeting with the principal of his future school to discuss his allergy. So I'll be on this site learning all I can before I meet with her.

Meeting with the staff and having a plan of action lessens my worries a bit. And having this community to share with and learn from is comforting. Good luck and take care.

On Aug 20, 2002

Hi magaly, what health plan are you talking about? I just talked with the school's nurse today and signed a form about his epi pen. Have you ever had to use your epi pen on your child? I believe that the school is going to write a letter to the parents about my son. Does your child have an emblem?