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So, I've decided to start a blog where I will be posting all Peanut/Tree Nut FREE recipes! Please check it out and keep checking for my first recipe posting this weekend! :)

By Samantha418 on Apr 15, 2011

I just posted my first recipe! Peanut/tree nut/sesame seed FREE stir fry! Enjoy!!

By Samantha418 on Apr 15, 2011

Please let me know if there are any foods that you or someone you know cannot eat because of their allergy and I will try and create a recipe that they can enjoy!

By PA Mommy on Apr 15, 2011

Yay! Thank you so much. I've become obsessed with making things my son can't have anymore...will definitely be visiting your blog.

By Samantha418 on Apr 15, 2011

I'm so glad that this came in handy for you and your son!! This weekend I'll be posting a fun candy so check back!! Enjoy!

By Samantha418 on Apr 17, 2011

Check out my new post! I tried sunflower seed butter! Please feel free to comment on the blog as well. I'd love for everyone to share their stories so that others can read them and know that they are not alone!

By Samantha418 on Apr 21, 2011

Rew recipe! Check it out!

By Samantha418 on Apr 25, 2011

Check out my new post!

By exchange Pete on Apr 26, 2011

Thanks Samantha! We will certainly let the host family (once we find one) know about your website and blog so they can use your expertise while they are hosting this young lady.

Any help you can provide by helping to spread the word about this young lady would be very awesome.

Best regards,


By Samantha418 on Apr 26, 2011

I'm so glad that you enjoyed my blog! I hope that you are able to find housing for her! Although I cannot help her myself because I am in the process of moving to a new apartment, I will gladly answer any questions that she has about the allergy during her stay in the US!

By Samantha418 on Apr 26, 2011

Try this,

By Samantha418 on Apr 28, 2011

Hey everyone!

Check out my PEANUT FREE Spicy Thai Noodle recipe!!


By Samantha418 on May 6, 2011

E-mail me at with your story to get featured in my weekly spotlight!

By Samantha418 on May 15, 2011

2 year old PA Henry Srabian's story is featured!

By Samantha418 on May 18, 2011

Video on traveling with a peanut allergy!

By Samantha418 on May 24, 2011

13 year old Samantha Sierra's story is featured!

By Samantha418 on May 29, 2011

Benito family feature is up!

By Samantha418 on May 31, 2011

Peanut Free Chex Puppy Chow!

By Samantha418 on Jun 5, 2011

My mom's story is posted!

By Samantha418 on Jun 12, 2011

William Eriksson's story is featured!

By Samantha418 on Jul 7, 2011

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