My NON PA son had a food reaction on xmas!

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He was eating the usual snacks.. crackers, cheese, pretzels etc.. I noticed a blotch on his face but didn't think anything of it since he's always banging some part of his body! My SIL commented about his face and I turned to look and his whole face was inflamed! There were quarter size hives I guess you'd call them.. looked more like welts to me. His face was also started to look swollen! My SIL is a pediatric nurse so I asked if I should just give him the epi pen but she suggested benadryl first. It didn't take long for the benadryl to work thank goodness.

I searched my brain for what could have caused it. There was shrimp on the table so my first guess was he came in contact with it. I know he did NOT eat any so I was thinking airborne or contamination. Then I remembered something. Several months ago Jackson had a HORRIBLE rash all over his face for a 4wk period. I took him to the doctor 3x but nothing worked to clear it. He looked like a leper! Finally, a week before we were going to see a dermatologist I was brainstorming and remembered I changed elmo's dog food b/c it had peanut shells in it. The rash started at the same time I made the change! I checked the label, called the VET and we determined the only different ingredients were fish meal and fish oil. I changed the food a 3rd time to a peanut and fish free one and presto! His rash disappeared instantly!!

Well, on christmas my SIL had a dog named Jupie who was giving Jackson kisses! Just about 15 minutes before I noticed his face, Lisa was telling Jupie to stop kissing Jackson! Sure enough, Jupie's dog food contains FISH MEAL!!

So now I have to call the allergist and figure out what all this means! If he is allergic to fish, that's another of the FATAL food allergies! If he reacted so seriously to the dog's saliva, what will happen if he ingests it himself!! I cannot believe this happened again on Christmas!! Two years ago we found out about the girls and now Jackson may have a fatal food allergy!


On Dec 27, 2002

Sorry to hear about your son's reaction on Christmas. It's hard enough to deal with it on a good day but even harder on Christmas when you so want everything to be perfect for them. Try to hang in there. Like anything once you know exactly what you are dealing with, it will make it easier to cope with. My son also had a reaction on christmas morning. He ate what I thought (and even actually checked into) was safe candy. It was extreme pops. They are supposed to be peanut\nut free and they may be but he definitely reacted to something (or possibly could have been the flu but I don't think so). He has multiple severe allergies so possibly may have contained traces of egg or milk. I emailed the company and they had said that there was no chance of cross contamination so obviously i'm still confused. Anyway, he was completely fine when he woke up. He ate one of the jelly suckers and within 5 minutes he complained of really bad stomach ache and shortly after his temperature shot right up and he vomitted---no hives. I gave him medication to bring his fever down and Benadryl and he felt better soon after and without symptoms for the rest of the day. So could have been worse.

Hope the rest of your holiday is reaction-free. [img][/img]

On Dec 27, 2002

Lisa, how old is Jackson? How old were your daughters when you found out they had food allergies? What other food allergies does Jackson already have and at what age did you discover these?

Has he ever eaten fish before? Has he ever eaten shellfish before?

Since Jesse's reaction last week, I did double check here to see if it was more likely that Jesse would develop another food allergy since he was PA. The answer was yes. So, since Jackson already has food allergies, sure enough, probably can develop a new food allergy quicker than the next child.

Is fish one of the 8 major allergens or is it shellfish in particular that is? I know that we had those little cocktail shrimp on a ring a few nights ago, just really for DH and I, and even though I allowed my daughter to try one, I didn't want Jesse to try one. Thank heaven sometimes that he's such the picky eater that he is because he took one look at it and said "no thank you". But, had he tried it, I would have been on pins and needles. I know I raised a question about that before as well - are we, as PA parents, more nervous of our children trying the other foods that are well known for anaphylactic reactions or scared of them being stung by a bee more than our non-PA children. Yes. Yes, we are.

I am SO sorry that this has happened. I found it very upsetting that it happened to our family a week before Christmas, but right on Christmas day, and possibly something new, my soul.

It does sound like the dog food (especially after your great explanation about Jackson's long standing rash until you changed dog foods) rather than a mysterious cross contamination reaction.

When you allergy test for fish, do you have to test for a specific fish, say salmon, or how is it done exactly? Do you know?

I think I've fairly well concluded that I need to have Jesse tested for sesame seeds after his reaction last week. I know that it could have been PA residue but my gut is telling me, test for the sesame seeds.

I would have your guy tested for fish however they do that.

I hope everything is okay now and that you and Jackson are doing okay. Big hugs! [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Dec 27, 2002

The major eight allergens are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish. Fish is considered to be different from shellfish. Fish allergy is less common and usually less severe than shellfish allergy. Our allergist won`t even let us try shellfish until age 18, whereas he let us try fish at age 5. And yes, if you have one food allergy, you are more likely to have another. It is still disheartening to find out that instead of one you have two or instead of two you have three. When they skin test, they do it to a specific fish or a specific shellfish (like shrimp or scallops), just like when they skin test for tree nuts it is for a specific tree nut or several. I`m not sure about RAST though.

On Jan 1, 2003

My PA son is also very allergic to dog saliva (or more specifically the protien in the saliva). If he gets licked by a dog he breaks out in hives.

On Jan 1, 2003

My PA son is also very allergic to dog saliva (or more specifically the protien in the saliva). If he gets licked by a dog he breaks out in hives.

On Jan 1, 2003

Do you think it could be something in the dog food or dog biscuits? I was thinking that if people who eat peanuts have peanut protein in their saliva for six hours, maybe dogs do too. I have read on these boards about people having reactions after being licked by a dog, and later finding out the dog food or dog treats had peanuts.

On Jan 2, 2003

Annshel... I had read a story about Extreme jelly pops that may help you...follow this link! After reading this I couldn't believe that the company didn't tell you that their product had a warning issued by Food inspection Canada!


I think I'd be contacting someone about this...

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On Jan 3, 2003

Thank you so much Karen. I will definitely be following this up! I had actually emailed them twice just to be safe. We were completely in the dark on this until now.

Thanks again!! My poor little guy. I always feel so guilty at times like this.

On Jan 3, 2003

How disgusting - - letting a dog lick your face (or your child's face) - - not to say dangerous. Animal saliva carries all sorts of viruses dangerous to humans... and dogs can also sometimes "nip" when they don't mean to!

(JMHO) [img][/img]

On Jan 3, 2003

Wow Nick... why don't you be a little more RUDE!

I am not that uptight that I get freaked out over my children getting their face licked by a family pet. The dog belongs to my SIL and BIL and my children have known her since she was a pup... that's about 7yrs now. Please don't try to tell me how to raise my children.

AS for those inquiring about the allergy.. my son has no known allergies.. that is he has yet to be tested for any. I have called the allergist and he is going to be tested in Feb. I have contacted the dog food company and they have advised me of the exact fish they use in their food so we are going to test him for them as well as peanuts and eggs (two girls are PA allergic). Hopefully, I'll have some more answers in Feb.


On Jan 3, 2003

Annshel, I'm just so glad I could help. It's interesting too, I normally don't read those articles since I don't really have severe food allergies, but one day I was bored and clicking through the news website. For some reason, I read that one. I don't even know what a jelly pop is, but it stuck in my head. And then when I read your story, I just remembered seeing it somewhere. [img][/img] I'm glad that your little guy is okay, and I hope that it helped solve some questions for you. Obviously someone was pointing me in the right direction, to help you out. Happy New Year!

On Jan 5, 2003

My non-PA son had a severe reaction over the holidays to milk. It was the first time I ever used the epi-pen, but boy did it work great. Thank God and everyone else involved for modern medicine.

On Jan 5, 2003

Nancy023 - Your non PA son had to have the epi-pen. Oh you poor girl. I think I would have fainted on the spot if I had my non PA child react to something I was unprepared for. Handy you had the epi-pen on hand! Were you nervous to use it on your Non PA son? Did you know of a possible milk allergy before this reaction?

On Jan 6, 2003

Samirosenjacken : I thought the ethos of this community was to allow people to have their own opinions. Obviously not.

I was not telling you how to raise your children, just mentioning a plain, obvious fact of hygiene : that dog could have licked it's backside 30 seconds earlier, having answered a call of nature!! That's one way in which the toxicara canis infection (which can cause blindness in children) can be spread.

Even the most placid of dogs, known to you for all it's life, can have an "off day" - just like humans, it seems - and can misjudge the strength of the friendly "kisses". I know : I've seen evidence first-hand. I can be sure that the boot would be on the other foot if the doggy DID nip your child by mistake and mark him / her for life!

Still, you'll be pleased to know that I won't bother you again : I'm e-mailing Chris to ask him to remove my user-name from the site.

I wish everyone and their families a safe and propsperous future, hopefully reaction-free!!

On Jan 6, 2003

Nick - I really hope you reconsider leaving this site. You've provided over 200 helpful posts, you are an adult living with this, you're in the UK and even started a UK thread.

You have alot to offer.

On Jan 6, 2003

Nick, I hope that you are not removing yourself because of such a minor exchange? Posting is a tough thing sometimes. Subtle facial expressions, sarcasm, heartfelt squeamishness about something are tough to convey in words. Sometimes people have small misunderstandings. I assume you did not mean to offend, but Samirosenjacken *was* offended, and then apparently so were you. Maybe you and Samirosenjacken can just make some peace rather than terminating your membership? Just a thought. I apologize if I am intruding where I have no business! becca

On Jan 6, 2003


Please say it ain't so! We need you - please stay. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]


On Jan 6, 2003




side note: I think human mouths are much fouler any day of the week, and we don't even lick our a$$. Hopefully.

samirosenjacksen and nick:

are you guys Libras?

nick: you are so typically male [img][/img] No. I won't beg. Just what you want. A bunch of hormonal females begging you to stay. [img][/img] [img][/img]

On Jan 6, 2003

Hey.. I didn't ask anyone to leave anything. I just simply felt that Nick's comment was rude. I have read many things on this board that I did not agree with or left me shaking my head but I kept my mouth shut because it had nothing to do with what the person had asked. I simply told Nick I felt he was rude in the way he replied to my post. If this is an open forum where he is free to be rude, than am I not free to call him on it?

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. My children are my concern. Not some stranger on a posting board.

And to answer your question mammabear.. Yep.. I am a libra!!

On Jan 6, 2003

Sorry, nothing to do with the original topic, as seems to be what's going on here the last few days, but Nick, seriously, you can't leave over something as, may I say, trivial, as this? Look at all of the other nastiness that is going on on the board right now (or perhaps that has contributed to your decision?).

Someone above put it well - you have contributed a lot to this website, including the UK thread and I really feel you would be missed. If we all left when there was a nasty exchange, heck, I would have left after about my third post here (and that would be say 7,000 posts or so ago [img][/img] ). Please please re-consider.

I'm beginning to wonder if Momma Bear raised the question about smoking in Main Discussion to see how many of us are smokers and how many quit at New Year to try to figure out what the he** is going on on this board right now. I personally don't get it. Is it because it's winter and I'm paying almost $2.00 per tomatoe? I don't know. I just find it really sad. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jan 6, 2003


be patient with me............

i gotta get some stuff done while the kids are asleep. I was planning on giving the smoking survey a whirl tomorrow, but I may have to tackle it tonight..........

For those who have not responded or are afraid to answer: I am a nice, nice, lady. Really.

Finally, it is PA related. Suspense mounts.

On Jan 7, 2003

Syd's mom:

My milk allergic son had never reacted so severely before from accidental ingestions. Now, I will have to be more careful and have his own epi-pens prescribed.

Ironically, some of his most severe reactions prior to this were from "dog licks." No kidding. His eyes swelled, and he required Benadryl and a bath. He does not test allergic to dogs, so it must be something in the food.

My husband and I were like deer in the headlights during my baby's severe reaction the other night, but my son recovered very nicely.

For the record, I think dog licks on the face are kind of gross, too. After years of asthma and allergies, I guess I am not a pet person; but I am not mean, I like kids.


On Jan 9, 2003

LOL Cindy about asking whether people on the board were quitting smoking, and that being the reason for the crankiness. [img][/img] Too funny. Hey, you're paying lots for tomatoes too?

People over here in BC would say it's that season depression thing-you know, not enough sun and way too much rain so we're light deprived and cranky. But we've just had a few sunny days.

Just my 2 cents too....I'm a cat person. I would never, ever, be able to let a dog lick my face....and my kid won't either-he thinks it's gross. However, I know someone that was bit by a child...and she got horribly sick from an infection after. Hmm...

On Jan 10, 2003

Tomatoes what about the sweet peppers????

I was buying a yellow pepper the other day and it was going to cost me $3.77 [img][/img] I told the cashier to stuff it, and she said, "Oh I heard they taste great that way"


On Jan 10, 2003

Nancy023, Am I reading correctly that your milk allergic son is reacting to dog licks? As a past dog owner, I know that milk protein(in dry form)is in a lot of dry dog food and treats! (Think Milk Bones!) Just a thought, although you are probably already aware of this. Sorry to hear about having to use the Epi, that must have been very scary. Glad you had one. Amy

------------------ Neil's Mom