My NKFA son had a reaction last night


My three year old had SPT when he was about 15 months old due to eczema, but he only tested positive to cat and dog. His younger brother was tested the following year at 10 months and was positive to peanut, soy, egg, and cat. His reactions from peanut and egg were both anaphylactic. Since then, none of my kids have had peanuts or any other nuts. Last night, my three year old took a bit of rice a roni and started crying and spitting it out. At first I thought it was really hot or something, but I felt it and it wasn't. Then he broke out in hives all over his face. I gave him Benedryl and it cleared up quickly. The only ingredient that jumped out at me was annatto extract. Could that have caused his reaction? Should I take him back to the allergist and have him retested?

On Nov 6, 2008

Unforunately, unless you have him tested you may not know what it was that caused it. What brand of pasta was it? Could it be cross-contaminated with egg? Could it be annatto? Barillo makes a pasta with peanut oil, could it be that?

I hope your little guy is feeling better and you find out what caused the reaction. Good Luck.