my nephew\'s pediatrician


Since discovering my son Gabriel's peanut allergy a few months ago, my whole family has taken quite an effort to learn more about it. My sister with a non-PA child told me this story.

My sister took her son in for his two year check-up. Gregory was carrying on a bit and fussing as the doctor examined him. My sister turned her back for a moment to gather her son's things, and when she turned around her son was unwrapping a Reese's peanut butter cup. The pediatrician carries them around in her pockets and gives them to kids as rewards for "being good!!!!" My sister was aghast and said "You must not have any kids with peanut allergy in your practice," to which her ignorant doctor replied "I don't think so. Why?"



On Jan 19, 2000

That is amazing, not only because of the potential for an allergic reaction, but to give a child a reward of food for "being good." It reminds me to watch people very carefully around my son.


On Jan 22, 2000

We had a similar situation at our DR's office the last time we were in for 5yr olds allergy shot. After receiving shot we went out in lobby for our 20 minute wait, when my son went back in the nurse began pulling his shirt sleeve up to check for reaction, she ask him with a mouthfull of PEANUT BRITTLE if he'd like some? Needless to say my son pulled away from her and I had to educate her on how she had just put my son in danger. This was not at his allergist office but ( His regular lifelong doctor's office)