My mom told me something about *curing* an allergy


My PA child used to be milk allergic (fortunately, she outgrew that) and she used to harp daily about doing a *milk challenge* where they put enough of the allergen in the victim, and they therefore *get cured* to me this was appalling becuase I could not knowingly hurt my child!

Now she's harping on it about peanuts. I try to tell her that a trace of peanut WILL kill my daughter. She has the worst scale of the allergy [img][/img] and I was wondering if anyone can provide me with info or link to an info to basically *shut my mom up* already. This is serious business and there is no magical cure to it and the sooner she accepts that, the better off I'll be. WHen I get upset and cry about my DD, my mom basically thinks it's my fault since I won't do that challenge thing.

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On Aug 17, 2003

Well, I did some poking and found my own answer, the word I couldn't think of was *desensitizing* and here is a link to what I found for anyone interested: [url=""][/url]

That is enough for me!

On Aug 17, 2003

Your mother is misinformed. A food allergy challenge is where an allergic person is given a small (tiny) amount of an ingredient to which they were previously (or tested) allergic to. If the person doesn't react, a larger amount is given. It proceeds until the person either reacts or eats a certain amount (a cup of milk, an egg, etc).

She might be thinking about desensitization or immunotherapy injections, but I don't know if those have *any* success in treating food allergies. Furthermore, immunotherapy doesn't work for everyone, anyway, when it comes to inhaled allergens.


On Aug 18, 2003


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On Aug 19, 2003

If I were you, I'd take your Mom to your DD's next appointment with an allergist. Have her ask the allergist about her theory. I imagine the allergist will let her know in no uncertain terms that she shouldn't feed your DD peanuts! (I'd be worried that she will try to "cure" your DD sometime when you're not around.)

On Aug 19, 2003

I don't think I have to worry about my mom trying to cure her. She's a nurse, and was referring to desensitization she had read about somewhere. I made it clear to her yesterday in a long discussion that if peanut allergy could be cured, do you think so many people would continue with the allergy? Or that entire schools would go peanut free?

She also knows that my husband would probably strangle her with his bare hands. She knows not to mess with any rule we put forth, medically necessary or just our opinion.

On Aug 19, 2003

I think someone like your mother needs to be told so in person by the DR. They never sugar coat what they have to say and they can give some for instances she will not enjoy hearing at all. I think she is obviously a woman that thinks she knows a bit more than you and will not believe it unless it comes from someone with high authority. Then next step is to tell her that if she gives your DD one bit of a nut that you will press charges on her for endangering your child well being. I did this with an inlaw and it works wonderfully.take care claire

On Aug 19, 2003

my in laws once suggested this approach to me also. good grief.