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This is our story that we are living through, sadly. I was not even aware that this was posted on the site. We have been out of touch with this site which has been such a great source of help and comfort. We have had so much going on with our case. I'm not sure how well our district has recv'd these stories in the media and print. The newspaper & TV media have seeked us out to do these stories. The comments from P/A parents are the ones that really make me nuts.

I wish the story had some more to show of our story vs. the others of how safe they are in there schools w/ p/a. I am so sick of the FAAN statement which was stated on TV again, by Asst Supt of Student Services. As educaters don't they get that FAAN is a parent run organization vs. the facts that are coming from the doctors, mine in particular.

It has been an extremely diffcult time for our family and we are now starting to see the effects in our son who really wants to return to school badly.

We have a meeting tomorrow w/the district and their attorneys. We will let the site know the outcome.

Also, I have extensively researched schools that I have found throughtout the site and when I am done, I will post clear results because we all need them. One thing I will say is EVERY principal I spoke to completely "GETS IT". To them it is very simple - if there is a p/a student, the school goes 'peanut-free'. I have found both elemnetary & Jr.schools. One went so far as to say she would come to talk in person to our district. They helped put all the hope back in us and to keep us going forward with this. All offered to help in any way without my asking. Thanks to all but a gigantic one goes out to Gary & to Linda. You have been a great source of inspiration to us!!

------------------ Jeannie

On Sep 17, 2003


You're welcome! Good Luck tomorrow. I hope your school gets back in school immediately! Did you see the story on allergies in the new Newsweek, if you haven't you can access it online at their site. Good Luck!


On Sep 18, 2003


Good luck tomorrow to you and Tony. I can relate to the "stress" of your situation, and hope that you're able to achieve a successful resolution.

Stay strong!


On Sep 20, 2003

Why is it that FAAN is out there making up policy when they are not run by doctors? I'll say it again: FAAN is getting on my LAST nerve!! It's not a gun-free world, so why create a "false sense of security" in gun-free schools? I am so sick of that sentence, (only they say peanuts for guns.) These are young children. The world will not be peanut free, but it's not drug-free, gun-free, predator-free...etc. Why do some judges release sexual predators from jail but with the order that they stay so many feet away from parks and schools? Afterall, the world is not free of sexual predators, yet children are not expected to deal with them at the tender age of 6 or 7 or even 12 or 13. That whole line of reasoning really irritates me. It's completely illogical. As for the comment from the lady in the paper about 'if you aren't comfortable, homeschool.' I'm really sick and tired of hearing that one, too. You could say that for anything. If you don't like it, go home. We could say it to HER. If you don't like the peanut-free policy, then HOMESCHOOL and serve peanuts morning, noon and night. I mean, really. I am also to the point of HATING peanuts, they are valued more than my child, and it's REALLY irritating!! OK, done ranting. I am grouchy tonight. Tired too.

On Sep 20, 2003


Originally posted by StaceyK: [b]If you don't like the peanut-free policy, then HOMESCHOOL and serve peanuts morning, noon and night.[/b]

Good come-back! (I need to store this one in my memory banks to use at the appropriate time.) [img][/img]

On Nov 7, 2003

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