My daughter has peanut allergys and wants to go to the movies?!?!


My 4 year old daughter has a peanut allergy and really wants to go to the movie theater but i am scared because the popcorn is made in peanut popping oil. I am just wondering if that is ok or not, I have had people tell me that people with peanut allergy are not allergic to the oil it is something else in the peanut. I hope someone can help!!!

On Mar 7, 2008

call the movie theater & ask. b/c i think they use coconut oil. but every theatre is different. let us know ;)

On Mar 8, 2008

You also need to be aware that people will be eating peanut products in the theater and there could be peanut protein in the air.

I have a friend who took her 4 year old peanut allergic son to a movie theater for the very first time.

She wiped down the seats and brought his own treats.

Unfortunately, he had an analyphatic reaction and an ambulance was called. They believe it was from the peanut protein floating around in the air.

I am a PA adult and will not go to a theater...we just rent movies and watch them at home.

On Mar 8, 2008

wow-I am shocked at the responses on this issue - my dd is almost 9 and we go to the movies all the time and we usually get the popcorn (i just ask to look at the ingredients on the bag)and i never wipe the seats. we do usually try to go to the early show though and there aren't usually a whole lot of people there. maybe we have just been lucky.

On Mar 9, 2008

We go to the movies every once in a while. We've never had a problem.

On Mar 11, 2008

Simple, get dinner beforehand; therefore she will not be hungry and then go to the movie, buy drinks or alternative snacks and don't worry about the popcorn.

I have never heard of peanut popping oil, but it would be under my assumption it is something you don't want to get into.

On Mar 11, 2008

I have taken my son. They use Coconut oil for the pop corn. I wipe the seat down and the arm rests ( they are gross anyway). We have had no issues. I would cal the theater. Therese

On Mar 14, 2008

We go all of the time. The two theathers that we go to do not pop in peanut oil and claim that they never have.

Just curious to those that do not attend...where do you live? We are in the midwest (Chicago) and peanut oil is not used very often here as it is not a local ingrediant. Also, I have never seen peanuts sold as a snack at the movies.

On Mar 14, 2008

just wondering, since many said its coconut oil... do you guys with TNA kids allow them to eat that? i havent gotten a gist of how many TNA kids are allergic to coconut as well (mine is) so would that make it a dealbreaker for you guys?

and as for peanuts not being sold as a snack - think goobers, snickers, peanut m&ms, etc.

On Mar 17, 2008

my son has always gone to the movies, (most places really) , we bring our own snacks , and drinks.

in the earlydays I used to put my coat on his seat and arm rests, just in case, but now that he is 12 , that sort of thing is no longer required.


On Mar 19, 2008

Unfortunately, we don't go. Like the one poster said, we just mostly buy or rent movies. My child is very sensitive and had anaphylaxis to contact. Our area does not have drive-ins anymore, how I wish there were the good old drive-in theaters.

On Jul 30, 2008

I think that it would depend on whether your child is reactive to airborne or contact. If so, I wouldn't feel good. If not, I think it would probably be fine. I would call the theater, and I probably would not allow my child to have the popcorn anyway.

On Aug 22, 2008

You're not alone - we have 2 kids with peanut allergies and must be careful, I dont know where you are, but we just opened and ice cream store that is truly 100% peanut and nut free.

Alot of people have come and returned for ice cream cakes for their kids becuse we are safe and we prove it with all allergen reports.

The store is located in Brick, NJ and called Mr. Creamees's Ice Cream, located at 2060 route 88 east.

If you dont live nearby - please spread the word. Thanks

On Aug 24, 2008

The drive in really is a great option, if there is one nearby. We went a few weeks ago and my 5 year old PA DD loved it. All the food was safe since we brought it, sat in our own chairs and it was a beautiful night!

We have never gone to an indoor theater with the kids. I am honestly a little nervous about it since DD has reacted to unseen residue before.

On Nov 25, 2008

Just to answer a question in the initial post. Pure peanut oil is considered "safe" since all offending proteins should have been broken down. But partially hydrogenated peanut oil is not safe. Of course, it just seems logical to avoid peanut oil completely if you are allergic to peanuts. I would never ingest the stuff and I would recommend the same to anyone suffering from PA.

On Dec 9, 2008

OMG....I never even thought of it! Although this is pretty new to us. Our Ulee has only been to one movie, Wall-E, and nothing happened thank GOD!!

By kakame108 on Apr 10, 2009

well there are people who arent allergic to peanut oil but im one of them so to b safe then sorry get some other snack