My Baby's Allergic

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forums though I've been surfing this site from time to time.

My baby boy has his first reaction to peanut butter 3 days before his first birthday, after rubbing it in his eyes. He's now almost 20 months and hasn't had another reaction since...but we have NOTHING with even a small trace in our home, make our visitors take off their shoes and wash their hands, and make all our own food from scratch.

We are organizing a Run for Anaphylaxis Canada hoping for it to take place in May for Food Allergy Awareness Month. Our son was our inspiration for doing this. After seeing so many FAAN walks in the states I decided we need something like that in Metro-Vancouver.

Anyway, our boy is our one and only but hopefully one day he'll have a brother or sister. I am completely dreading him starting school...I quit my job after mat-leave as I just wasn't comfortable putting him in Day Care with his allergy and being so young.

How long have you all dealt with the allergy?

You're all amazing for doing what you do.

By cervonil on Oct 25, 2010

That's wonderful that you started a walk! Congratulations!

My son was properly diagnosed 6 months ago - but he has his first reaction 1.5 years ago. (They said he aspirated food into his lungs. So we went over a year not knowing it was really a peanut allergy!)

By Mrsdocrse on Nov 6, 2010

Hi There!

It is great that you have organized a walk! My son is 10 and I have known since he was about 2 that he is allergic. I gave him a taste of peanut butter on an english muffin. He spit it out immediately. with in minutes his lips swelled and he had hives on his face. I gave him Benadryl and thankfully, that is as far as it went. We then went to the allergist and he tested positive with high numbers.

Since then we have had 1 annaphilactic reaction and several mild contact reactions.

I am lucky enough to have a peanut free day care and peanut free elementary school in my town.

It was very overwhelming in the begining. However, it gets easier as they get older.. after they are past the stage of putting fingers in thier mouth. It is manageable though. We have travelled many times by plane all over including serval trips yo your lovely Maritimes. We have been on cruises as well.

We have a peanut free home. When we go out I always have travel wipe with me and I wipe down tables ect. The good news is that people are more aware then they were 10 years ago. Lots of great info on FAAN website too.