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My 20 month old - 'highly allergic"

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After 1 mild reaction and 1 more severe reaction within the last few months we were beginning to wonder what could be causing it. My mom was watching her and gave her reese's puffs cereal which landed her in the hospital covered head to toe in hives. Luckily she had no breathing troubles.

She realized the culprit and we went to the ped and had her Rast done. I haven't seen the numbers yet, but received a call from them stating she is "highly allergic" Not sure what measurements or reference range this particular lab uses. I'd like some help understanding numbers (waiting on a fax of the report) and next steps for our family.

She has severe eczema, moderate asthma, a lactose intolerance and now peanut allergy. I'm afraid for what else is lurking around the corner and need some advice on understand the RAST numbers and what others have done in their next steps after confirmation of the allergy.