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I do not know where or how but he loves the word peanut butter! We will be in the store and he will see the peanut butter and point and say peanut butter or reese's peanut butter cup. It is just strange because he is just starting to talk and peanut butter is one of his favorite words. Do you think he heard me say it so many times when ordering food? I have never pointed out peanut butter at stores but somehow he has figured it out. It is just weird. Has this happened to anyone else?

On Apr 8, 2006

My dd went through a phase where she would pretend she was making a food with peanuts or eggs, then she would stop what she was doing, and look to me for a reaction, LOL. It was around 2-3 years old, and when using play food or pretending to make food. I would just remind her she cannot eat peanuts or eggs, but I would have what she was making. Sort of use it educationally.

Ds has definately picked up our conversations. I only in the last month realized I ought to teach him directly not to eat any nuts(KNA, but avoiding), and we have been avoiding eggs, only giving little bits in a pancake or lasagna. So, when I said to him no peanuts, and showed him some in the store, saying don't eat those ever. He asked, "How 'bout eggs??" It was very cute. I do not have a clear answer for him there, LOL, but whenever I tell him no nuts now, he asks about the eggs.

I had never taught him anything about that, so he has just picked it up hearing us talk about it. becca

On Apr 8, 2006

Yep ours was the same too. We had been dealing with it from abour 9-10 months of age & by the time he was talking thats what he wanted to talk about. It is amazing what they pick up & understand. I will never forget hearing our little one tell a stranger all of his allergies before I had ever tried to get him to understand. I thought it was going to be such a challenge getting a child to understand some food is not safe but he pick it up as we went [img][/img] He still points out how just about every cartoon has char's making a PB&J sandwich.

It was so funny last summer (had just turned 4) and we were groc. shopping in Canada & he saw a different packaging for a product & he asked "mom whats that? can you read the words on it for me? remember no peanuts no eggs & no dust or CATS!!!" I thought the lady beside us was about to die when she heard him. Now I have to explain we should only have to read for the Food allergens while groc. shopping [img][/img]

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On Apr 8, 2006

Hi, We have been going through this a bit lately as well. Our 3 yr old pa dd has been talking about peanuts and eating things with them in it. I keep reminding her that it would make her very sick. I think it is because she is finally getting a better grip on language and is finally really understanding that she can't have these things, and partly because she is an instigator and wants to get a rise out of me....but that's another story. Cheers, Gilli

On Apr 8, 2006

my ds will pretend to make something and say it has peanuts or peanut butter or milk. He thinks at some level that he allergic because he is young and that he when he is bigger he will be able to eat that stuff. I believe it is because his older brother has no allergies and ds knows this.

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On Apr 8, 2006

Our dd talks about peanut butter too. She's two years old and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Then I sat down and actually watched Sesame Street with her one morning (I'm usually in the kitchen reading the newspaper...bad mommy!). There it was...Elmo talking about a peanut butter sandwich! We talked about how she couldn't have peanut butter, but she could do other things Elmo liked (riding a tricycle).

Sesame Street is doing a big push on nutrition. I guess peanut butter is included.