My 1st Reaction to Peanuts


Hello everyone. Previously I was only allergic to fish and shellfish. 1st reaction to fish was tingling of lips and mouth- didn't even know I was allergic. 2nd reaction to fish was severe hives inside throat. Testing showed I was allergic to fish and shellfish. Since then I carry epi pen. About a month ago I was eating pasta and a mix of raw nuts for lunch- peanuts, sunflower seeds and almonds. I eat nuts all the time- good for the heart. Anyway- a few minutes after lunch I stood up to get something and knew immediately something was terribly wrong. I felt something rush through my body. Then I couldn't breath- I went from 100% breathing to about less than 10%. But I also had severe pain in my chest. I knew I was having an allergy problem- but wondered slightly if it was a heart attack. I called 911 immediately and said I was certain it was allergy to peanuts but could possibly be a heart attack- due to chest pain. They told me not to use my epi pen! They got there very fast. I was on the floor when they got there- could barely breath. They told me I had hives all over- I didn't even know. I threw up when they were there. I also passed out. They gave me fluids and oxygen. They determined my heart was fine. At the hospital I got massive amounts of steroids and benedryl. I also got epenephrine. When my husband got to the hospital- he said I was almost unrecognizeable- due to the swelling in my face. My doctor told me 911 will not 'allow' epi to be administered if someone says they are having chest pain. I did not know chest pain could accompany a food allergy. I will know for the future. ps- the doctor in the er commented about how close I 'came' to the end. This was my first very bad reaction. I hope it will be my last. Know that chest pain can come with an allergy attack. Especially if your airway is restricted. Use your epi pen!!!

By jenniferbfab on Jul 6, 2009


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! It's so horrifying. I am glad you are okay. This is very helpful information for all of us. I did not know about the chest pain either, but I guess it makes sense now that I think about it.

Take care, and thank you, Jennifer B

By ccskichick on Jul 6, 2009

I was completely unaware as well until I got a book on peanut allergies and talked with my Doctor as well. But I still have so many questions. That is the reason I am here. Hoping to find answers...

By BestAllergySites on Jul 9, 2009


So sorry you had such a severe reaction but so happy that the outcome was positive. Thank you for posting and sharing.

You point out some really important things regarding 911 and EMT's. In many states EMT's are not even allowed to carry or administer the epi pen regardless of symptoms. As you stated, you should always use your epi and always carry it on you.

I'm discouraged that they told you not to use your epi. They weren't there to see or know what your symptoms or reaction were. You could have indeed had a very different outcome because of what they told you.

Have you been tested for peanuts? Ever had any peanut reactions? Wondering if it's possible that you dish was contaminated with something you were allergic to since you said that you've eaten nuts in the past.

Again-thank you for sharing and thank goodness it wasn't any more severe. Hope you find what you are looking for here and feel free to ask any questions.


By cjoy on Nov 16, 2009

My heart goes out to you. Glad you are ok.

By Ben_mom on Jun 15, 2010

Glad you are ok. Hate to hear these stories but somehow it helps everyone else be more aware.

By pauline117 on Aug 2, 2010

My 5 yr-old gave just had a peanut allergy for the 2nd time in her life. The first time when she was 16 months old. She exposed a little bit with peanut butter inside a chocolate candy. She developed hives, rash, itch. That was how we knew she is allergic to Peanut. I gave a a sweet cake yesterday which she ate half & I ate half. She had this kind of cake before from another bakery. After 10 minutes, she had stomach ached, threw up (after 10 minutes), and hard time breathing for about 3-5 minutes (after 10 minutes after threw up). We took her to ER. We didn't know what is wrong. A hour later, she threw up again. After the 3rd cake ( a cake is about 3 bites), I found out there is a little bit of peanut in there. Normally, this cake doesn't have peanut.

Anyway, this time she didn't have any itch, rash, or hives. We didn't know & didn't give her any Benredry or epi pen. Anyway, each reaction is not always the same! be aware!