My 11-month-old is allergic

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I don't know much about food allergies. I don't have any, and neither does my husband or any of our immediate family members. My daughters reaction to peanuts (which happened when she grabbed an older boys pb cracker at daycare) took me completely by surprise.

We've confirmed the peanut allergy with the doctor and they found that she's NOT allergic to tree nuts or any other common food items. So that's a starting place, I suppose.

But I am still kind of shaken. It was sobering, picking up her epi-pen (jr.) from the pharmacy. On Monday I'll have to teach her daycare provider how to use it (I hardly feel qualified!).

She's still so little that I can't imagine her day-to-day life will be much affected yet, but I'm happy to have this forum to read to see how others are dealing with their toddlers and children venturing out into a world where a bit of a legume could hurt them. It just seems crazy to me. I think I'm still in denial.

By Jnewks01 on Sep 27, 2009

I know how you feel. When my son was 1 1/2 we gave him a PB&J sandwich. It was on the list that the Doctors give you on what food to try. I even asked the Doctor if it was ok and he said yes, he had never had a food reaction before. So one Sunday we gave it to him. I probably should have know there was a problem because after two bites he did not want it anymore and he is a big eater. Within a half an hour we were in the emergency room due to a severe reaction. At first I did not know what we were going to do, but a year has passed and he is doing great. We have the EpiPens and we are very careful about what he eats. He is even able to say that he can't have peanuts because they make him sick. It's it is very scary and I was shaken for a long time (months) but now it is second nature to question every restaurant or airline. It is amazing how quickly you get used to it. A few tips I have learned: Try to find peanut free cupcakes at you local store. My shoprite has them or make your own and freeze them for birthday parties. I just pop one out and bring it with us. Also, avoid Dunkin Donuts and Chick Fillet (they use peanut oil) there are other but those are the ones I can think of right now. Also, a lot of restaurants will have the chef come out to talk to you if you mention a food allergy. I found a lot of places are very aware and will work with you (avoid Asian food). Hope this helps.

By BestAllergySites on Sep 27, 2009

Lularu-glad you found this site. I know it can be a really hard thing learning of a new diagnosis and you need to take time to really let it process.

After you have, I can assure you that it does and will get easier over time. The number one thing you need to do is read labels religiously. This is how you will keep your daughter safe. Avoid foods with warning labels like "may contain" or "processed in" as many have been shown to contain small amounts of allergen protein from being made on shared lines.

For basic information feel free to ck out this link on my site.

Best of luck and any questions feel free to ask!