Murry\'s frozen French Toast Sticks


The ingredients on the package do not list any type of peanut products; however, our daughter did have a reaction. We know it was the French toast sticks because she has had the syrup before without any reaction. Possibly there was some cross-contamination during the processing of this product

On Sep 30, 2003

Does anyone have any recent info on Murry's French Toast Sticks???


On Nov 6, 2003

I saw they sell these at my Wal mart. SO I just emailed '' to get more information. Their product base is chicken, seafood and other meats but that doesn't mean that they don't share a mfg plant with another company. I'll post their response.

On Nov 6, 2003

I frequently buy Murray's french toast sticks. My PA son eats them & enjoys them without incident. Sorry I don't have any info, just personal experience!

On Nov 6, 2003

I just got a call back from Kathleen Moran at Murry's and they ARE made in a peanut-free plant. Yipee! I can't speak to tree nuts b/c she left a voice mail and I can't recall exactly what I had asked when I left her a message earlier. If I get an email response, I'll post it.