Multiple purpose room for Cafeteria

Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2007 - 4:43am
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Our school uses one room for the cafeteria, gym, assemblies, and any other gathering (rents it out).

They have suggested one peanut free table or having my DD eat in her classroom.

I can see huge reasons I do not want peanuts in the area she is supposed to have gym and sit on the floor. How would you handle this??? She has had serious reactons to contact peanuts.

Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2007 - 6:18am
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Same situation at our school. I don't like it much either. DS will sit at a peanut free table next year.
For assemblies, etc you could request a chair or carpet remnant to sit on.
For Gym, I'd find out if teacher is certified in Epipen/CPR/First Aid. (I asked this year and he got trained as a result of my inquiry).
One thing that has also helped me is a custodian who is also an EMT, and has a PA niece, so he totally gets it and is the one cleaning. He has personally shown me his cleaning fluids and I am pretty (but not fully) comfortable. He is at lunch every day, and his office is right outside the gym/multipurp room, so he is present during gym class as well.
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Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2007 - 6:44am
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hmmm...seems a bit yucky that they eat in the same room they have gym in. Our gym has a sign on the door *no food allowed* hopefully people abide by the rule. Sitting on a dirty floor covered in food crumbs seems a bit dangerous. Do they clean the floor each night or each morning?? If you have a 504 you could ask they let your sons class have gym right after the floors are cleaned? In an assembly I would request a chair(unless your child feels singled out) that would be hard to handle. Maybe a mat or something would be better, at least better then nothing. Too bad we don't all have EMT-custodians, that would be nice to have an extra set of medical hands on staff. That wouldn't help you though....wish I had more suggestions, sorry
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Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2007 - 7:06am
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We have the same set-up at our school. There is no cafeteria space - they must use the multi (gym).
Our son is contact reactive. He has attended this school for 5 years now, and hasn't had any problem with the room being shared. The floors are always swept and mopped right after meals and messy activities.
Based soley on our experience, it's do-able.

Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2007 - 12:25pm
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Same situation as Lam here. Our son has never had a problem in four years. The custodian cleans after lunch.

Posted on: Tue, 03/20/2007 - 2:36pm
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Same in all of our local elementary schools. They also actually [i]serve[/i] pb+j as a menu alternate every day of every week. They are pretty well-cleaned each day, and the lunch tables are cleaned as they are put away.
DD has only been in one of these rooms (hardwood, BTW, since it acts as a gymnasium as well) once, for about 45 minutes. And she had a systemic aerosol reaction (hives [i]under[/i] her clothing).
This is one of the major reasons that nothing short of pn-free would do in DD's case... and it isn't happening, 504 or not. So neither is the local school. But anyway.
Until I was in my twenties, I never even knew that any other arrangement (ie, a second 'cafeteria' space) existed in elementary schools-- mine was this way and so was every other I ever saw here on the west coast.

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