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Multi-Center Peanut Allergy Drug Study (FAN Research)

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"Researchers are looking for Peanut Allergic individuals between 18-60 years of age to participate in a study to determine whether multiple subcutaneous anti-IGE shots are safe and tolerable for treating Peanut-allergy."

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On Jul 22, 1999

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We have been in contact with Dr. Hugh Sampson in the Division of the Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York (U.S.).

He is now ready for individuals to participate in a placebo controlled study, which is ready to be conducted.

To participate individuals must be 18 to 60 years old and have a definitive history of an allergic reaction to peanut. If the individuals IGE level are over 500 then they will not qualify for the first round. (ru per ml.) He is aware that many people do not know their level, so if you do not know your level you can still contact them if you are interested in taking part in the study.

You must be available to make 7 visits to the Mt. Sinai in New York (U.S.) over a 6 month period, starting as soon as possible. There will be an initial screening including a double blind challenge (he told me there would be an IV etc. and the person would be challenged only until a reaction occurred). Then there will be an injection once a month for four months. Then there will be a re-challenge.

Many of you have informed me to contact you if there was such a study, which you could participate in.

Contact the Division of Allergy at the Mt. Sinai Hospital at 212-241-5548. The office secretary will take some information and they will contact you.

This research is very exciting news and are glad that PeanutAllergy.Com is able to assist!

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