much easier to have a serious illness with recovery!


Having a peanut allergy puts you on pins and needles each and every day! If you have had a dangerous reaction in your family, it's really hard to bounce back. This site and its participants do help! Thx

On Oct 31, 2006

hugs}} to you.

It seems every holiday is all about food afterwards, doesn't it?

Hope your family was able to enjoy some of your Halloween anyway.


On Oct 31, 2006

Hugs indeed! Take care of yourself.....

On Oct 31, 2006

[i]>>group hug<<[/i]

I would imagine you and your family are having quite a bit of PTSD after your son's recent episode. Hope he is doing well emotionally, as well as physically.

Take care, Daisy

On Oct 31, 2006

Good to see that you can post again!

I hope you're all doing better. It's probably going to take a little while before you can take a big breath - and relax. cheers, Adele