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Mrs. Butterworth\'s pancake syrup

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My son (PA) had some of Mrs Butterworth's syrup last week. They were having a pancake treat at school. He threw it up a couple of minutes after he ate it. They checked him for signs of a reaction at the nurses office right away. No rash, no hives, nothing around his mouth. I picked him up about 20-25 minutes after he threw up. He looked a little tired, but no body hives, maybe a little redness around his eyes, but not very significant of reaction. I took him home and gave him a bath. He said he felt fine. 3 hours later (and for the rest of the day) he ate normal amounts of normal type foods, toast, yogurt, eggs, rice, pears. Never showed any sign of GI discomfort. I have to assume it was either the pancake cooking gear was x-contaminated with something bad, or that the syrup was the culprit.

I wonder if there is something in the syrup that didn't agree with him and that coupled with the excitement of the morning's party, and just getting off the bus was just too much. I think we may have had trouble before with this brand of syrup, and I think that's why I only buy maple syrup. But this would have been about 3 years ago, and I don't remember that well. Also, 3 years ago he was throwing up so often that we had a hard time keeping track of the usual suspects.

Anyone else have trouble using Mrs. Butterworth's?

On Feb 23, 2008

We haven't had any problems with Mrs Butterworths. We are dealing with PA and TNA.

On Feb 24, 2008

IT doesn't sound like a allergic reaction. I would suspect that maybe excitement of it all was the cause. Compare the two labels and see what is different. maybe that will give you a clue. Frustrating

On Feb 24, 2008

We use Mrs Butterworth's lite syrup a few times per week with no problem. We also use real maple syrup as well.

On Feb 24, 2008

We use Mrs. Butterworth's and have had no problems with it. Perhaps it was not a reaction.

On Feb 24, 2008

Same as the others...we have used it many times and have not have a reaction.

On Feb 26, 2008

Thanks for your replies!

He's been well since then. So ruled out viral or bacterial causes.

Hasn't really shown any FA symptoms. So maybe he got it all out before it had time to get his immune system going. If it was a reaction the source would most likely be the equipment used to prepare the food.

I agree with Mrsdocrse: I'd like to think it was just the excitement of the day, and that he woke up the night before so he could finish reading his book -which might have made him tired.

But the timing was just so suspicious!

On Feb 26, 2008

We have never had a prob w/Mrs B, but we stopped using it after the company gave me the following reply to the age old question: Is your product manufactures on shared equip w/P:

Thank you for taking the time to contact Consumer Insights regarding your recent purchase of Mrs. Butterworth's

On Feb 26, 2008

Hi Lindensmom,

Thanks for your information.

It seems that you were asking a question that required a yes/no/Idunno answer. While the answer they gave was an answer to the question of ingredients? How slippery can one be?

"I hope [they] understand why I am unable to [buy their product] at this time." Said with much gritting of teeth.

Oh, well, we don't use that much syrup anyway so it's better(and affordable) for us to use pure maple syrup. At least we can buy it from a small farm and help our local economy as well as eating a "healthier" form of sugar.

PS Even though I don't think I'll feel comfortable with serving MB's I will follow up with the company to see if they will give me an answer to the shared equipment question.

On Mar 26, 2008

we use mrs. butterworth's all the time and dd has never had a reaction... however we really are down to only bisquick for making pancakes... maybe it was the pancake batter they used?

On Mar 26, 2008

Wow, I really don't like that reply. I *hope* it was from an employee who somehow didn't understand the question was about shared lines and instead thought it was asking about something else. I have had that happen--asked about D, E, P, T and sesame and gotten info on gluten or some other allergen. Sometimes CSRs are busy and make mistakes. But if that is their standard line when asked about X-contam that is pretty bad. I certainly don't buy from companies like that! That's on the level with Hain Celstial. Blech!

As for this being a possible reaction--my son *has* reacted to allergens *just* this way a few times. I can't be 100% sure of course but he has vomited after eating a food that I later found was made on shared equip and then did *NOT* get sick, etc. He has never just vomited from excitement, etc. Every time he has ever vomited was either when he was getting sick or part of a for sure FA reaction or after he ate a food I later found out was made on shared equip. So, I strongly suspected these were minor FA reactions. He once had ana that was very severe and nearly strictly GI with no hives or swelling (normally he has hives and swelling).

By CanEatOreos on Jul 20, 2012

Fenugreek and Lupin may cross react with peanuts. Fenugreek is used as maple syrup flavoring. My son's reaction to eating peanuts is to throw it up.