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I was just curious, do any of you allow your small children to go to the movies?

Eli will be three in April, and I have been thinking about this. He is anaphylactic to milk and eggs. He is allergic to contact with either of these.

I just don't think I'd be comfortable with him at the movies. The seats seem like they would have a layer of chocolate residue stuck on them. And the worst part is, the theatres are dark. Eli isn't really old enough to tell me when he is getting sick. I have to use my eyes, and see a reaction beginning.

At what age did some of you begin to let your children go to the movies??


On Feb 18, 2000

Actually this is a question that hits very close to home. My son had a severe allergy to corn--and the smell of popcorn would throw him into a serious asthma attack!!! But once the asthma settled down, we allowed him to go to the movies (with US as supervisors, of course), but we do have a few safety rules: (1) I drape my coat over his seat, to ensure that he doesn't get contact with anything serious. (2) He is NEVER allowed to pick ANYTHING off the floor -- goodness knows that there could be anything down there! (3) We always bring our own snacks. If you are afraid of not seeing his symptoms, you could always sit in the back (it makes for a quick exit), and bring a small flashlight so you can see. Have fun!

On Feb 19, 2000

I worry about this too. My pa daughter, now 5, was 3 for her 1st movie. These are the precautiuons we take: I go in early and wipe her(and my) seat, seat back, arms, sides, underneath etc. down with the new clorox wipes. She is not allowed to walk around on the floor then put her shoes up on the seat. I look for an area that appears clean, usually sit in the back, end aisle, brighter lighting. And we bring our own snacks/drinks. It may seem a little neurotic but we must take all precautions when trying to live "normal" lives. Good luck.