Motts for Tots (Applejuice)


Has anyone had this? Is there a different taste than regular Motts applejuice? I know it has more purified water - so it will be less sugar. I know Motts is safe, but I'm just double checking on this type.

On Aug 4, 2007


On Aug 6, 2007

I don't know about this product and PA, but I do know that my DS (3 next week) will not drink it - he can tell its watered down I guess. Funny thing is he will drink apple juice in a cup that I dilute...

On Aug 6, 2007

It does taste different. It's not as tasty as regular fruit juice. Perhaps there is less sugar. As for PA, I actually didn't think to question it. DD drank it a few weeks ago with no problem. She is PA.

By Player11753 on Dec 23, 2014

Motts / Dr Pepper / Snapple fails to list allergens present in their production facilities on their labels. Motts also fails to list allergens present in their production facilities on their website. When I contacted customer "service", all I received was an apparent attempt to get my personal information:

December 19, 2014 Dear

Thank you for your email about Mott's Applesauce. We would like to obtain additional information in order to best answer your inquiry. You can call us at 800-696-5891, Monday through Friday, 8AM-7PM CT.

Thank you!


Bethany Consumer Relations

There is no information from individual customers that is even remotely needed to disclose allergens. The allergens are present or not, regardless of what individual customer is contacting you!!!

Motts, please disclose allergens PRESENT IN YOUR FACILITIES and put the information ON THE LABEL. Please don't torture your customers by withholding the info from your labels and expecting them to take their valuable time to play detective to get this. PEOPLE CAN DIE from exposure to these allergens, even when "state of the art" cleaning methods are used. Let customers make their own decisions about what risks to take with their lives and THEIR CHILDREN'S LIVES.

By Player11753 on Dec 23, 2014

Please join in urging Motts / Snapple / Dr Pepper to properly label ALL their products with the common allergens labeled in their facilities by clicking on the link below.