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Posted on: Sat, 02/26/2005 - 1:29am
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I know I'm new to this, but it seems like most here are moms. I think my hubby is great but something he said the other day bothered me.

After a night of little sleep, I told my dh that I was up a few times checking on our son. He said that I was starting to obsess about the PA.

I on the other hand, got a little miffed and stated that I thought he didn't "obsess" enough.

On the same note, a grandmother retorted the other day after I had made a comment about first checking out a restaurant, that "I couldn't spend the rest of my life like this".

These comments bothered me because 1)if I don't check out the resouces available to me, how will I ever learn? and 2) if I don't live my life "like this", my son may not have a life to live.

DH has went along with peanut free everything, I just wished that he would take a more proactive stance.

How do you all get hubby's more involved? Or for the dads who join us, what made you as involved as you are?

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