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most likely culprit of hives in toddler?

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5yr old ds has PA, 3yr old ds KNA. This morning I noticed possible hives on the small of 1yr old ds's back. They faded then reappeared after lunch. Of course he's had a bunch of different possible culprits to eat and I BF so it could be almost anything...any thoughts on the most likely culprit? Here's what he ate: Whole grain Thomas english muffin with tomato and tomato sauce and cheese, craisins and maybe one little bite of a moon pie. Craisins and tomato are fairly new foods for him. Do people have allergies to cranberries? He is sensitive to soy, but always a rash around the face to soy protein. The moonpie does have soy flour. He has been prick tested negative to at least wheat, milk, soy (!)and fish as I recall. My personal comfort zone is probably tighter than many PA kids although I am not allergic so I don't think it's PA through bf'ing. Thanks for the help. luvmyboys

On May 28, 2006

Is the one-year-old getting over a cold or did the baby have an ear infection recently? My kids occasionally get mystery hives and our doctors told us that if they appear, disappear and then reappear (especially for days at times) then it is most likely due to the virus and not food related.

On May 28, 2006

Odd...he is getting over a cold. I've never heard that before. I did notice a few little pimply red marks in the corner of his lips too though the last time he nursed. And I did give him his Zyrtec (which he gets only infrequently) just to be safe. The 'hives' are fading again...AGGGHHH!!!I just keep staring at this back wondering if something is going to happen or I'm just neurotic. luvmyboys

On May 28, 2006

Viral hives often appear when the child is "getting over" a viral illness. Both my kids have had viral hives more than once. Our allergist said that viruses are the most common cause of hives in children.


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