PLAYGROUNDS- People allowing kids to bring food along to Playgrounds (etc).

Posted on: Fri, 06/08/2012 - 1:46am
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I have a son with a PEANUT allergy. Recently my son and I visited a local playground in the local Memorial Park. This local town run playground is enclosed inside a low fence- with several benches inside for sitting. Just outside this playground are picnic pavilions.
Upon our recent visit, I noticed one family eating Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches (very gooey- drip out the sides kind) on the inside benches... and another feeding their kids Peanut Butter crackers AS THEY CLIMBED around the playground. That parent didnt even make them stop and sit down to eat their "Snack"... crumbs etc falling where ever they climbed. The picnic pavilions right NEXT TO this playground were completely EMPTY.
I mentioned to them that I have a child with peanut allergy and that they should "please" keep their food outside at the picnic pavilion and was looked at like I was some kind of criminal- or like I spoke some foreign language!
I think ALL PLAYGROUNDS should have SIGNS for NO FOOD WITHIN the playground... especially when there are picnic pavilions just outside! Food in playgrounds not only may harm a child with a food allergy, but the crumbs attract squirrels and critters who may bite, & small children may find pieces of cracker left on the ground and pick them up and eat them as well.
For playgrounds without a picnic area.. there should be a bench just outside the playground for people who wish to snack... but where food must be eaten outside so children with food allergies can play freely without fear of harm.
If you have seen similiar in YOUR town- let the township KNOW about your concerns... so that EVERYONE can freely enjoy playgrounds and public places without fear.

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