Posted on: Sun, 06/27/1999 - 10:51am
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We have just gotten back from the club pool where we have a membership. We really had a bad experience that I have not seen anybody post here, although many of you may have experienced it. The snack bar at the pool sells drumstick ice cream (aka nutty buddies) that are coated on the top with peanuts. Some of our friends (yes, not great friends because they know about the allergy but still allowed the kids to eat nuts) kids bought these, then proceeded to rake the nuts off the top right by the pool. So, that meant that nuts could be floating in the pool, and my son could ingest these in the pool. So, I immediately left with him and went to the playground so my son could be safe. We all left shortly after that. Now I am wondering if choosing a membership was wise as I don't know how we can feel safe there.

I plan on contacting the membership director tomorrow about not selling these products in the snack bar. I really don't know how she will take all this, so I am trying to think of a diplomatic approach. By the way, she knows about my son's pa because we talked about it and whether the club's restaurant serves peanut products ahead of time. Can anyone help with a sensible, non-threatening approach about this?

And once again, my husband and I were depressed when we came home, wondering how our son is going to live a normal, active life with this allergy. I know I am just feeling sorry for myself, but it seems sometimes I just can't help it.

Stay Safe, Debbie

Posted on: Sun, 06/27/1999 - 9:56pm
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I think the best way to approach this is to tell the director exactly what happened. Tell her about the nuts being scraped off near the pool water and tell her that you actually saw them go into the water. Let her know that you realize it is probably a one in a million chance that your child will ingest this; however, the possibility exists and you are very fearful. Some suggestions would be to substitute the Nutty Buddies with another product or to have a ban on eating ANY kind of food within 12 feet of the pool. Offer her some safe options and let her choose what she is comfortable with.

Posted on: Sun, 06/27/1999 - 11:46pm
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I too joined a town pool and I am experiencing the same kind of issues. My friend who also knows about my daughter brought peanut butter crackers. she felt bad when she realized and wiped their faces and hands with a towel and put the towel away. There are lots of kids eating those ice creams too. Sometimes I wonder if I can control any of this. I did check with the snack bar on there oil, but it is not peanut. The pool is definitely another feeding event and I can only witness what is going on near me. I am sure there are plenty of candy bars and other such items being eaten all over the place. It is never ending sometimes, but she so enjoys going to the pool I can't give up. Let me know of any suggestions.

Posted on: Mon, 06/28/1999 - 2:11am
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Hi, in my community, food consumption is not allowed on or near the pool deck. It is restricted to an area separate from the pool area and is easy to avoid. Perhaps your community will consider this approach.
On a better note, on Friday evening I took my four year old son, Troy, to McDonald's at Walmart. He likes the fast food treat and their play area and is therefore, more willing to shop with me later. Unfortunately within several feet of the play houses etc. there was a free sampling booth selling chocolate bars with nuts. We ate at a table on the other side of the room and I explained that he would not be able to play. He asked me if it would hurt their feelings to ask them to move the display. I said probably not and off we went to talk to the Walmart duty manager. She was wonderful. She talked directly to Troy and told him she was sorry that he was troubled and couldn't play. She told him she would get someone to clean the area immediately and that she hoped he would come back again on a different day. When we next were near the restaurant area I saw staff with bleach cleaning the climbing equipment and play houses, washing the floor and also the toys. Troy was very pleased with our approach and with Walmart's response. I was delighted!

Posted on: Mon, 06/28/1999 - 3:32am
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Thanks everyone for your kind replies and suggestions. AFter having slept on the whole thing, I feel much better. I was pretty down last night, wondering whether my son would ever get to lead a normal life. I dream of a day when we won't have to worry about accidental exposure, and us moms and dads can shed this extra pair of eyes and hands we have grown in order to keep our kids safe (LOL)
Patty, I will let you know how it goes when I approach the director (getting up the nerve today as I don't know how she will take me asking to rid the pool area of nut products). My son, like your daughter, loves the pool. We have an above ground backyard pool, but he so enjoys playing with the other children at the big pool, as he calls it. I really hate to deny him these childhood pleasures.
Stay Safe All.

Posted on: Mon, 07/05/1999 - 7:00am
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Wow! A similiar thing happened to us - I was stunned to see that our pool allows snacks to be eaten everywhere, and not just in the large snack area. We too saw kids eating drum sticks only these kids were dropping peanuts on the ground. I approached the parents (probably shocked them) and then talked with the pool supervisor to restrict the snacks to the snack area. I haven't gotten any results. Let us know if you have a way of approaching them that works. Kristin

Posted on: Wed, 06/07/2000 - 11:19am
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I'm wondering how everything went last year and if anyone is facing the issue this year. A vending machine with plenty of peanut products was just added to our community pool. One woman I spoke to said that it wasn't fair to penalize everyone at the pool because of my son's allergy!! I tried to explain the situation calmly and let her know that I didn't want to get rid of everything-just the nuts. she was a dead end. I've written a letter which I will send to the board of directors, but if anyone has any advice, please let me know!!! My kids are crushed that the pool is now off limits.

Posted on: Fri, 09/29/2000 - 7:35am
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VICTORY!! After a 3 month battle, (which turned out to really not be a battle at all), I have succeeded in ridding our community pool's vending machine of peanut products! It turns out that there was a lot of miscommunication and ignorance on the part of the pool commitee and the homeowner's association management company, who all said that the Board of Directors felt it wasn't enough of an issue for them to be concerned with and I had the responsibility of protecting my child and it was not their responsibility to get rid of the peanuts in the vending machine. Today I got a personal apology from the President of the Board of Directors. They had decided to substitute snacks and get rid of all peanut products in the vending machine the day after they received my letter 3 months ago!! The pool commitee and management company apparently felt that they didn't want to follow through on the Board's decision, so nothing was done and all my calls were ignored. Now the Board has fired the management company (there were other problems, too) and the pool commitee chairperson is going to be questioned and will probably lose her post! The Board wants to get rid of the vending machine altogether since they never approved it in the first place. Sorry to ramble on and on...I'm just so excited! Thanks for reading! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 10/01/2000 - 8:31am
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That is a wonderful victory for your family, Dawn. Perhaps other families dealing with PA will use this pool in the future, and it will be fun and safe, thanks to you. I think that's a big problem in educating others about PA - some people will be unreasonable about everything, just to be difficult. I'm glad to hear about the firings, because you certainly don't want people like that in charge of a pool, with all the inherent safety issues. Once again, congratulations. Take care. Carolyn


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