More meal ideas please?


I saw the post for the breakfast suggestions, and was hoping maybe some of you wonderful PA parents would mind helping me out with some ideas? I have an 11 month old DS in daycare where i need meal ideas - any breakfast would be appreciated for future reference (right now i just give him homemade babyfoods and cereals for breakfast). He is peanut allergic only (not tree nut to the best of my knowledge)... BUT there are 2 catches: 1- he currently only has 2 teeth, so still eating only fairly soft foods that he can gum to death, and 2 - the daycare keeps kosher, so no meat products are allowed.

My problem with that is this: he is on soy formula, and will likely be on soy toddler milk/stage 2/next step, etc., since every time he has any milk formula he gets very constipated (too much info, sorry guys!)... no other reaction to milk though, no hives, spit up, etc., and no problems with a serving of cheese, a small amount of yogurt, etc... i dont want to overload him on soy, ive read in a couple of different places that even though soy and soy products are very healthy, too much can be bad, so that limits my use of morning star products, veggieburgers, stuff like that.... so basically i need meat free and preferrably soy free meal ideas!!! HELP!

Thank you all so much, i cant even tell you all how much i appreciate these boards, they have been invaluable to me over the last few weeks/months!

On Feb 14, 2008

Okay......peanut allergy, milk makes him constipated (but cheese is okay), can't have meat, can't have two much soy, and only has two teeth. Here goes:

-Mott's Fruitsations (in case you don't know what those are, they're little pre-packaged cups of applesauce and other kinds of fruit sauces).

-Wheat Thins or other "baby mouth-sized" safe crackers with Sunbutter. (Actually, ARE Wheat Thins safe? Don't quote me on that, I'm not PA, I'm just here because I'm looking out for my friend who is.)

-Instant oatmeal (obviously check the label first, because the "cookies and cream" kids' variety looks a little sketchy).

-Pre-make a pitcher of fruit smoothies without any dairy or soy in them (just use orange juice instead), and divide it into those small reusable plastic juice box things if you have them, so your son can take one to school every day.

-Cheerios and berries or cut-up fruit (packaged separately, of course).

-Cream cheese, normal cheese, hummus, or jam sandwich on soft bread, cut up into bite-sized pieces.

-Thermos full of bean soup and a slice of soft whole-wheat bread for complete protein, or a Thermos full of rice and beans (babies don't know the difference between "breakfast food" and "not-breakfast food," right?)

P.S. I'm a vegetarian living on a student's budget, so it's really not hard for me to come up with meat-free meal ideas.

On Feb 15, 2008

haha you totally nailed it! awesome suggestions thanks a ton!

just out of curiosity when do you guys with FA kids introduce potential allergens, i know my son would TOTALLY dig strawberries, and has actually ingested a small amount before (i had him in the stroller, was looking for something, the little monkey turned around and jacked my jamba juice and took a nice huge sip!)...

Thanks guys!

On Feb 15, 2008

MY son used to love.. yogart. the little toddler size ones. the little pilsbury criossants I would bake ahead of time and cut long way and put a slice of cheese and melt inthe micro for 10 seconds.. he eats it cold too! another favorite is cream chesse and jelly sanwiches cut in quarters of course!

good luck! Therese

On Feb 16, 2008

Apple Butter and Brumble and Brown( butter) sandwiches are Helen's favorite.

Yo'Baby yogurts are awesome, a bit pricey but worth it

There is a book called Super Baby Foods that has a lot of good ideas, she does go a little crazy but it is a good reference