I recently found a treat called MoonPies at my local WINCO (cubfoods. It is made by the Chattanooga Bakery. I emailed them yesterday about their product and here is their response: Hi April, We do not use peanuts, or nut meats of any kind, or any product derived from any nut meat, in our products. They are not in the plant in any form. We wouldn't know what to with them if we saw them! Thank you for your interest in MoonPies. Please write me direct if I can assist you in any way. Best Regards, Guy Callahan Director of Operations [email][/email]

They only make chocolate, banana, and vanilla. Hope this helps someone

On Mar 12, 2001

Wow! Funny you should post this. I just saw them on TV yesterday and was feeling sorry that my son couldn't eat them. I just assumed they were off limits! Thanks for looking into it. We'll give them a try.

On Jul 10, 2005


On Jul 11, 2005

Bumping again for conspiracy!

On Jul 11, 2005


Originally posted by jtolpin: [b]Bumping again for conspiracy![/b]


Moonpies make me a better mother. I just know it. [img][/img]