Montreal specific safe restaurants?


Hi. New to the board. PA DD is 2 1/2 and non PA son is 8. We have not gone out to a restaurant as a family since we have known about DD PA, over 18 months now. We would appreciate any safe restaurants that anyone knows of, or at least some positive experiences with restaurants in the Montreal area. Thanks.

On Jul 3, 2005

Hi. Someone local to me!! [img][/img]

We don't go out to restaurants, because I believe it's not a proper place for children still learning how to behave. But that's just us. Fast foods are fine though. We often go to McDonald's, A&W, Subway.

I was told there's a chinese restaurant on Sherbrooke street that is peanut safe. The son of the owner is PA, so they're aware. However, I was never given the exact address.

There was an ice cream place that was safe too. This time, it was the niece of the owner that was PA. However (again!) the place was sold and the new owners don't care as much...

On Jul 5, 2005

Thanks for the info Darthcleo. Do you allow your son to have soft serve ice cream from an ice cream shop? If so which do you feel comfortable with. Thanks

On Jul 5, 2005

Hi This information is rather old, I got it from a thread someone started here a few years ago. The Peanut-free Thai and Sichuan restaurant in Montreal is (was?) called Formosa. The address is 2115 St-Denis (@ Sherbrooke) and tel. 282-1966. The person posted a link to a menu at [url=""][/url] As I wrote, I have no idea if the restaurant is still in business or still peanut-free. I wrote down the info planning to go there on a visit to Montreal, but the day we tried to go it was closed until dinner time. I will check the link if I get more time. Enjoy your trip, Sarah

Edited to add: just tried the website and it isn't working. Not a good sign! Also did a google search. Found a favourable review, but it had this note added: NOTE: 1/23/03: THIS RESTAURANT HAS CHANGED HANDS.ACCORDING TO A SOURCE THERE IS A MOVEMENT UNDERWAY TO CONVERT TO INDIAN CUISINE. --ED.

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On Jul 8, 2005

Hi. I found Formosas phone number in the phone book. That number is "no longer in service", so I guess the restaurant does not exist any longer. Too bad

On Aug 13, 2005

Hi, I live in Montreal and have a PA. There are many safe restaurants for various types of cuisine. ITALIAN: Pizza Napolitana (Dante Street), La Pizella (On St Mathieu street), Tratoria Trestevre (on crescent street), Antico Martini (on Somerled), Scarolies (On St John's Boulevard-West Island). GREEK: Marathon (various locations), Philino's (on Park Avenue), Faros (on Fairmount). JAPANESE: Mikado (2 locations, on Monkland and Laurier Ave), Takara (on De La Montagne in Cour Mont Royal Complex), Wakamono (on Mont Royal Avenue, Lezvos (2 Locations, on Decarie, and on Mont Royal). Cote St Luc BBQ (many locations) is also safe.

I have had a BAD experience at Hot and Spicy on Decarie, where I went into Anaphylactic Shocl despite being assured there were no peanuts, peanut oil, or peanut butter. I later found out there was peanut butter in what I ate.

Also Baton Rouge cooks in Peanut Oil, on Decarie they have 2 fryers where they cook things in vegi oil for people allergic to peanut oil. This is the only Baton Rouge that offers this.

In general, most restaurants are accommodating. I am an extremely cautious person and would walk out of a restaurant if I wasn't confidet they can accommodate. E-mail me if you have questions!

On Aug 13, 2005

I forgot to mention that TCBY Yogurt (on Cote St.Luc Road in NDG) or McDonalds Soft Ice Cream are the only two places I trust in the city. At TCBY I only trust the soft serve Yoghurt without any toppings, and they are always easy to deal with. Just tell them in advance, they will wash their hands, get you a spoon from the back, and a fresh cup from the back before serving!

Formosa, the "peanut free" restaurant closed 2 yrs ago. I went once, it wasn't great so it;s not a big loss!

In terms of Bakeries, there is one on Decarie called Fressers that is peanut free. They makes baked goods that are delicious. They also have peanut free prepared foods. All my birthday cakes in the past 10 or so years have been from there!)

On Aug 23, 2005

Thank you so much for all the Montreal specific info. Do you have the phone number for Fressers bakery, sounds too good to be true.

On Aug 24, 2005

The number for Fressers is 514-739-4034, the are on Decare near Cote St Catherine. I recently heard that Sollys bakery on Westminster (in Cote St Luc)is also peanut free, but I haven't explored it further to know 100%... (people who are not peanut allergic, tell me Fressers is better than SOlly's anyways!).

On Sep 4, 2005

How could I miss this thread? Welcome aboard JenEmm, very few Montrealers here. My son is still young, but he's getting to that age where he will want to start going to restaurants.

There used to be an ice cream place on the west Island that we could trust. The owner's sister and nephew had severe anaphylactic peanut allergies. So they knew how to stay safe. Unfortunately, they sold their business this spring and the new owners don't care :-(

On Sep 12, 2005

I called Fressers. They are in fact peanut free but do have products that contain almonds. Since we don't know if DD has a TNA as well, I think it is best if we stay away for now. But thanks for the info.

On Mar 16, 2007

Hi everyone...

I'm just re-raising this cuz its kind of old and I'm curious... I think some things are outdated (CSL BBQ has a Louisiana salad with peanut dressing now, for one thing) and am living in Montreal now for school but have been kind of a bum and haven't been going out to eat, but I'd like to.

If anyone has any updates or info, that'd be sweet. I live right smack in the middle of downtown.


On Mar 16, 2007

I live downtown as well.

Jano's is peanut free. It's on St Laurent blvd. It's a Portugese restaurant with amazing chicken, and fries (ask for them portugese style). The spicy sauce is amazing. The owners also have another restaurant (same menu) on prince arthur, I have been there, but I forget the name.

Schwartz's Deli and Snowdon Deli are peanut free.

I think MeatMarket is safe (St Laurent)

Right off St Denis there are a few BYOB Italian places which I think are safe (eduardo's and academy).

The ones I mentioned in the old post are still peanut free to my knowledge. The only exception is Wakamono because they have a peanut sauce in the kitchen. I do eat their sushi which is made at the sushi bar.

I think they just opened an arahova on St Laurent and it peanut free. Tasty food Pizza on Decarie has great Pizza, and they are safe (they deliver downtown).

La Louisianne on Sherbrooke W. is a good option as well. They also make their own desserts.

I've been eating CSL BBQ regularly my entire life. I am very dissapointed. I had their chicken this week, luckily nothing happened. I ask them everytime I call to order about their oil. I guess I should never let my guard down and always ask about the oil AND the food.

If I think of anything else I will post.

On Mar 19, 2007

I grew up in Montreal/Mont-Tremblant and miss it terribly!!!! This is a great thread and it's making me very hungry [img][/img]

It's been 10 years since I've lived there, so unfortunately I can't contribute much. However, I do know of a good resto in Tremblant called Coco Pazzo that is fantastic with food allergy awareness, just in case!

On Mar 23, 2007

Hey and thanks! Much appreciated information. I'm hopefully going to check some of these out soon, because my kitchen it so tiny that I don't even want to cook in it! heheh

On Apr 10, 2007

Cote st luc bbq on cote st luc road does not serve the peanut salad dressing (they told me they never did-the ddo one does). I checked last night.

On Jul 24, 2007

i just went to mont-tremblant for the first time [img][/img] Camping! I didn't eat anywhere though because I forgot about this thread and well... I suppose I also didn't have a computer with me the mountains... We passed through St-Donat on our way home and my friends all ate, but I suspect there might be some serious peanut oil happening at one of the pizza places there because there was.... THAT SMELL.... lol... and my itchy eyes and throat, too.

I think I am going to try Jano's this weekend [img][/img]

Also, has anyone gone out for Mexican here? I am craving it. I used to go to a few safe places out in LA and wish i could just do that now....

On Jul 25, 2007

Tremblent does not have many safe restaurants. There is one place called the Shack, and the oil changes all the time. The owners of Jano also have a restaurant on Prince Arthur called Barcelos (the exact same menu/prices!). I prefer going there in the summer because they have a decent terrace which is good for people watching. Both are good bets. They do take out at both as well (at much more reasonable prices than the restaurant). Ask for the spicy sauce. In terms of Mexican, Montreal is not the place!. Iguana cooks in Peanut Oil, and Tree Amigos seems poular, but the food is not good (IMO). I get my fix of Mexican when I go to NY. Which Mexican places in LA do you go to that are safe. I tried Border grill in LA and in Vegas and was told they were peanut free (separately at both locations) until I posted it and someone mentioned they have a sauce with peanuts in it.

On Aug 14, 2007

Are the safe Montreal restaurants also treenut free as well?? Just wondering if you area all just Pa, as my child is PA/TNA. Also ther is a new cupcake bakery that also serves food in Montreal on Monkland Blvd in NDG that is totally peanut/treenut free. The owner has a child with these allergies. The bakery is called Cho'cola, very cute place, real expensive , but worth it.


On Jan 15, 2008

I went to Cho'cola for the first time this weekend. It's a pretty long metro ride for me, especially on a Sunday morning.. but I did and was quite happy about it. It *was* fairly pricy but I got to have a chocolate croissant, which I have never had before, and my boyfriend got a little cheesecake with raspberries (which I tried too)... AND we tried a bunch of cookies to go. There coffee was good too.

So... pricy? Yes. But yummy. Almost everyone who came in was 1 parent with 1 peanut allergic kid who was getting to eat 935739573 different cupcakes. LOL.

On Mar 16, 2008

We have had positive experiences at Pasta Tutti Giorni in the Montreal area. It states on the menu no pine nuts in the pesto sauce and no anchovies in the cesar salad dressing. They seem to be allergy aware.

The desserts are not made on the premises and are stored outside of the actual kitchen area. I think I saw 1 or 2 desserts with almond, and I would think they would all be "may contains". So no bread or desserts for my PA/TNA child.

They also advised us it would be safest to order food for her that was made in the restaurant, so , no pizza as it comes from somewhere else and not actually made on the premises. She really enjoyed her penne pasta. We had some bear paw cookies in the car, sothat is what she had for dessert.

The food for the rest of us was quite good too I might add. All in all a good experience, and we will go again. Hope this helps someone.