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Any suggestions for PA safe restaurants?

By sidni on Feb 16, 2009

Try Eduardo's on Duluth and St-Denis, its cheap simple Italian food... stick with the basics on the menu, like the manicotti or pasta with tomato sauce, as the specials aren't normally as good. Its a bustling little place.

Philino's on Parc and Villeneuve is a really tasty Greek restaurant...

I have heard Jano on St-Laurent is safe. It's Portuguese food.

I have also had cheese sandwiches at the Main no problem.

By Markalark on Mar 17, 2009

Montreal is pretty safe as a whole. People are well informed about peanut allergies. Just make sure to ask the waiter before ordering anything, they'll usually go check up with the cook to make sure everything is ok and that there's no cross contamination.

Places to avoid are basically all of Chinatown where nuts are found pretty much everywhere. But in any event, even they will tell you they're not sure instead of lulling you in a false sense of security.

By allergycoach on Jun 24, 2009

It's a few months later, but I thought I'd mention that there is a new restaurant in Montreal that specializes in peanut/nut/sesame/egg/dairy/wheat free cuisine. I haven't yet tried it, but I'll post something if and when I do.

If anyone who reads this eats there, would you mind posting about your experience?

It's called Zero-8, and here is their web site:

By allergycoach on Jun 24, 2009

As for Montreal, I don't know if I'd agree that it is safe as a whole. Like most cities, it really depends on which restaurant you're visiting. In fact, I find allergy awareness in Quebec is only beginning to come to the forefront thanks to the effort of several groups. But it will take some time.

By sidni on Jul 10, 2009

I will have to say that Montréal overall has a very good knowledge of food allergies. I have lived here for the past 3 years and have never had a bad experience eating in a restaurant (knock on wood!). I don't try Asian restaurants, but have eaten at a variety of others.

Having been in those past 3 years to various places in eastern Canada (including Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax), Los Angeles, NY, Dublin, Brussels, Munich, and having spent 2 months in Italy, seriously? Montréal is pretty good with allergies. Even if I have to explain a bit, I have never gotten that blank stare like... "Nut allergy? What?"

That said.....

There is a nut free bakery that serves lunches and has a cute terrasse on Monkland in NDG (just a few minutes walk from Villa-Maria metro). I have heard of Zero8 as well. The StewSpot in Old Montreal is apparently Nut-Free although I haven't been in. It's all organic. Fuschia, L'epicerie Fleur, is known to be very allergy aware, but again, I haven't been in. They have a statement on their website about being especially accommodating to allergies. I believe they are mostly or all vegetarian.

Eduardo's on Duluth is not the best food in the world but it is family friendly if needed, inexpensive, and their tomato sauce is tasty. Stick with their regular menu-- not the specials-- and it will be good. They don't cook with nuts. I have also eaten at Philino's, a Greek restaurant on Parc near Villeneuve, which is really good, and they are always GREAT about allergies and don't cook with nuts. I haven't ever looked at desserts, so not sure about that. It's a little pricier but they have ammmmazing tzatziki and the vegetarian moussaka is divine. Mythos, another greek restaurant further north, actually laughed at me when I asked about peanut oil, "We use only OLIVE OIL!" I went for someone's graduation dinner and had emailed them in advance, they made a note on the reservation to take special care of me. Most of the delis and diner type places will have plenty of safe options, and I have eaten at quite a few, from the Mile-End all the way to St-Henri.

I advise you to get an allergy card printed in French and English (or just write it clearly) and talk to the host/manager when you get there (if you don't want to call in advance) and again talk with your server.

By jerryipual85 on Dec 29, 2009

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By sidni on Feb 14, 2010

I went to zero-8 on st-denis, the allergen free restaurant last night and had a nice experience. There were no kids, however, as I believe they recommend families come early in the evening.

This thread might be well served in the restaurants section, also.

By sidni on Oct 16, 2010

This link really isn't helpful for a visitor to Montréal, as it has nothing to do with allergies AND is not even close to a complete and varied listing of restaurants in this city. There are 180-something restaurants on your link, but I have read that there are over 150 restaurants in downtown MTL alone- that doesn't include the Plateau, NDG, Little-Italy, South west, East End, West Island, etc.

If someone is just looking for a basic restaurant search, I would advise you to try You can search by cuisine, price, region of the city, and features of the restaurant.

By abdorestaurants on Oct 16, 2010

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