Monterey recommendation


If you're in the Monterey, CA area and want a grown up treat, go to Passionfish in Pacific Grove. The food is gourmet fabulous. The chef's wife and co-owner has anaphylactic food allergies. As a result the waitstaff and kitchen staff are well educated. We had two delicious meals with dessert and no problems!!

On Jan 23, 2005

Oh, so tempting. I'm going to be there next month.

I really don't feel like inflicting my dietary restrictions on a nice restaurant right now, though. I had no qualms whatsoever when it was just peanut/soy/papaya/moldy cheese/meat, but removing gluten intimidates me.

I carry most of my food with me.


On Jan 26, 2005

If you like fish, do it. The owner actually has more allergies than me. Call her first if you like to discuss it.

On Jan 27, 2005

No meat--I'm vegetarian.

My husband likes fish, though.