Money for Research at AR Children\'s Hospital

Posted on: Mon, 01/21/2002 - 3:27am
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> > Dr. Burks - I am the parent of a peanut-allergic 2 year old boy. When
he was diagnosed at 13 months, I had to be put on anti-anxiety medication. This potentially life- threatening allergy is hard on the parents because a peanut on the ground at the park may as well be a loaded gun.
I thank God for your research, and pray that a vaccine or cure is on the horizon. I keep finding information that makes me hopeful (Hu-901, your research, etc.). If you ever need funding for your research, please contact me. I'll try to raise as much as I can in an effort to expedite the process.

Tracey J.

> Burks, Wesley wrote:
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> > Thank you very much for the note of encouragement. We too are hopeful of a
specific treatment that might be available in the next few years for patients with peanut allergy. On your offer for fund raising, if you do have the opportunity we can always
utilize more funds for our research. The primary limitation to our finding the best treatment for our patients is the money to have more people working in the laboratory on this project. If you need more information that would help we would be glad to work with you.

Thanks again,


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> To whom would people send money to help your project?

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I think that probably the best way is through the Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation. If someone needs more information they could call Libby Smith in the Foundation office. Her number is 501 320-1476.
> Thanks again,
> Wesley

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> From: Smith, Libby H
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> Hi, there!
> I'm so glad to have received these notes from Dr. Burks. We're tremendously proud of him and the work that he does in research and in clinic, also. And I can imagine how important that research must be to you! I have other friends who have children with peanut allergy so I've learned what a life changing problem this is for the entire family. We'd be very grateful for support for the peanut allergy program and any give that we received marked for the program goes right into an account for that use. Please let me know what information you would like to have.
Contributions may be sent in the mail and we have a web site : [url=""][/url] You can make a gift that way, also. My address is as follows:

Libby H. Smith
Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation
800 Marshall, slot 661
Little Rock, AR 72205
> I'd love to hear from you.
> Libby H. Smith
> Arkansas Children's Hospital
> Phone: 501-320-5309

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Posted on: Wed, 01/23/2002 - 12:57am
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I think that is a great idea that you have!!
Have you ever been to see Dr. Burks? I have received an e-mail with a number to call for an appointment. I was wondering if anyone had been to see him. Cammie

Posted on: Wed, 01/23/2002 - 3:26am
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Hi, Cammie - I live in Texas, and have never met Dr. Burks. I probably never will, I'm sorry to say. I read about his research while surfing the Internet, and contacted him that way. From things I've read, several hospitals and drug companies were going gangbusters trying to find a vaccine back in 1999, but so far, I don't see great strides. I recently called the FDA to see if any vaccines were in the pipeline for approval, and there are not. It's a long process, and if money helps fuel the research to speed things up, I'll throw as much fundage at it as I can. I'd love to hear all about Dr. Burks once you go in to see him. Please tell him that so many parents of PA kids are rooting for him!

Posted on: Wed, 01/23/2002 - 3:55am
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I could not believe it when I read that you live in Texas. I have been searching for someone else here. I was kind of hoping that you would be able to share your experiences about the school system here and different restuarants, etc. I posted something about fastfood places elsewhere on this board - but most responses were from places other than Texas. Hopefully when you have a little time, you can fill me in! Look forward to hearing from you!

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