Monday morning rant

Posted on: Mon, 01/29/2001 - 1:16am
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pOnce a week I let Nicholas out of my (or his father's) sight to do one thing--go to Sunday School. I have talked with the person who runs it and to Nicholas' teacher. We hand them an Epi-Pen each week. The teachers (used to) call us if they are having a party so I can bring safe food./p
pNicholas walked in the door yesterday with "Miss Liz gave me TWO donuts! But there were no nuts in them, Mommy." /p
pWHAT! First, how can I guarantee no nuts? I have no packaging?br /
Next, why is she feeding ANYTHING to my child when she has seen me sit outside the Sunday School room making sure there is no problem./p
pHere are my MAJOR rants:br /
1. Why do people insist on feeding my child! He had just had breakfast and was only gone an hour. I was feeding him lunch after he got home. Can't a child go for one hour without having food shoved at him!!br /
2. Why didn't my husband do anything? He's the one who picked Nicholas up and found out about the donuts. My DH didn't check the box for ingrediants, talk to the teacher, anything. He said "it was too late. I thought we'd just keep a watch on Nicholas for a while." I said "then you shoot him with this Epi-pen--then you see what's the better choice, safety or 'just watching.'"/p
pAfter a couple of minutes I found out they had also given Nicholas orange juice (which I'm trying to keep away from him because of a diaper rash that I can't clear up). And I found out that this is not the FIRST week they've done this "behind my back!" /p
pBasically, they are giving my child food as a babysitting method. They plop them down with food and they watch a video. UGH!/p
pMind you, my husband and I had a long "talk" over this. I say he didn't approach the teacher because he was being polite. I say he was putting politeness ahead of the life of his child. Nicholas is with his dad most of the time--it's time dad took over some of the responsibilities of searching out PA information. After all, Dad is adament about no TV--I think life is more important than an hour in front of the tube! /p
pNicholas is fine--he developed a slight rash on his face, but that's all so far. I can't wait to see the rash on his bottom after he poops, though./p
pSorry, but this is so upsetting! What article should I pass on to the teacher about the seriousness of this?/p

Posted on: Mon, 01/29/2001 - 1:55am
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First of all, let me say, I totally agree with you! I'm sick of people wanting to feed my son all the time, even if he's not hungry. This is the article I gave our Baby Gym Instructor (check out my thread entitled something like Baby Gym Halloween Party Gone Bad). This article is about cross contamination and talks about why it is necessary to consider a suspect food item as dangerous as a sure thing. Good luck.

Posted on: Mon, 01/29/2001 - 2:07am
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Heather, thank you! I printed two--one for my husband and one for the teachers. I think I will talk with them first and then give them this information. In a way it's good I didn't talk to them yesterday. I was too mad then. Now I can go in logically and clearly.
Thanks again,

Posted on: Mon, 01/29/2001 - 2:38am
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Another good (but scarey) article is listed on this board under Media, Fox 5 NYC - PA story, Mary Kay. Mary Kay has put in the link to take you to that article. Unfortunately I am not computer savvy enough to insert a link. maybe someone can educate me? Thanks. I have found alot of articles from poking around on and have used them to help educate others, family, etc. It helps people to "get it" if they see it in writing and see other peoples stories. It helps to difuse the "over-reactive, or overprotective Mom" theory that I seem to encounter. good luck.

Posted on: Mon, 01/29/2001 - 3:49am
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Thanks, no nuts, I went to it. I've read this, but now with time passing, I'm afraid I might "over kill" the teacher and make her feel awful and terribly guilty. I'll print it and show it to my DH to see what he thinks.


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