MMR vac.cine and Egg allergy

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I just learned about this today and I'm a little thrown off. My dd got this vaccine but at the appt I told them that she had an allergy appt coming up and told them what allergies we were suspicious of. They gave her the MMR. At the time I didn't know about the possible complications and if my dd even had the allergy. She ended up having an egg allergy and nothing did happen after the MMR shot...but now I feel kind of wierd about the whole thing looking back.

Isn't that something they should have waited on? Are the reactions not that common to worry about? I think if I would've known all this I wouldn't have had it done...guess that shows me I need to keep on top of my research, huh?!

On Sep 20, 2005

Egg allergy is not a contraindication to MMR, but egg anaphylaxis is. My dd had an anaphylactic reaction to egg at age 2 1/2 (her first exposure), and did not get the second MMR. She later outgrew her anaphylactic egg allergy, passed an egg challenge, and got MMR at age 10. By the way, flu shot is also contraindicated for either egg allergy or egg anaphylaxis----can`t remember which it was, just remember my dd could not have it when she was anaphylactic to egg. She ended up getting it last year after outgrowing the egg allergy (got it because of her asthma).

On Sep 20, 2005

My dd has egg allergy and recently had the MMR and the booster last week. She was fine. Her egg allergy *seems* mild. The lit. does not support any direct contraindications for the MMR due to egg allergy, that I have found, but we did wait until she was older. Just with so much bad publicity and autism links, I felt I wanted to wait where she might be more predisposed to having some bad reaction to the shots. becca

On Sep 21, 2005

DS has had all his shots, without any problems at all. His pediatrician said the MMR was made from blast cells (or maybe not made from those cells) ... not sure on the exact terminology, but the MMR was/wasnt made with whatever would actually cause a reaction. I know that's not very helpful, but I cant remember his's been a while since he had those shots. Maybe it was made with something synthetic...can't remember.

On Sep 21, 2005

My ds with egg allergy has had the MMR, with no reaction, but not the flu vaccine. This is what was recommended by his allergist. I'm not sure if the reasoning is the quantity of egg used or which portion of the egg is used in each vaccine.

On Sep 21, 2005

DS is allergic to egg - high RAST test - never eaten them, so I was very concerned about the MMR. I spoke to the Ped who recommended the allergist give the shot. He skin pricked DS waited 15 minutes, negative reaction, skin pricked again, waited, gave the shot and waited. DS was fine. We also skin pricked him for egg and he had a very large hive. I was concerned b/c he had never eaten egss so we didnt' know what type of reaction he might have. I did lots of research and generally they say the MMR is fine for the egg allergic.

On Sep 21, 2005

Thank you so much for all of your responses! It's so nice to have some where to come and get information and support about all this!

thanks again, michelle

On Sep 22, 2005

My daughter is egg allergic and had already tested positive for egg when getting the MMR. The ped decided that I should give her a dose of Atarax before the shot just in case and all was well. We waited over 20+ minutes in the ped's office too. She probably didn't need the Atarax after all.

On Sep 25, 2005

My son is anaphylactic to egg and peanut. He recently had the MMR, administerd at the allergist office a few months ago. It was a long, drawn out process that lasted about 3 hours. First, he was skin pricked to egg and also to the MMR vaccine. His egg skin prick needed to be wiped off, since it was a 4++ with satellite hives around it. The MMR was only a 2+. Next he was given intradermal tests in his upper arm. These included positive control, neg control, and a 1:100 dilution of the MMR. After 20 minutes he was fine. THe Next intradermal was a 1:10 dilution of MMR, to which he reacted. The doctor did some calculations and determined that the MMR could be administered in 4 doses - each one was diluted, so that the total amount he received would be equivalent to the whole vaccine. He had four shots in his upper thigh, one every 15-20 minutes. After the last one we stayed about 1/2 hour to make sure that there was no reaction. He did fine! It was a huge ordeal, especially now that he HATES needles (used to be ok with them in the past)...but at least he is protected. Our allergist felt that it was important to protect him with this immunization.