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My elder daughter (aged 16 - no known allergies) was given a MMR booster today as part of a vaccination programme at school. Altough I had completed the relevant forms the nurse still asked her several questions beforehand. One was relating to food allergies and she specifically mentioned eggs and nuts. I wasn't surprised with the mention of eggs, but why was she quizzed about nuts? Can anyone enlighten me please? Thanks, Jayne

On Mar 1, 2006

Haven't a clue why she'd have been asked either one at this date. Prior to the late 1990's, the MMR vaccine used to pose a risk for those with Egg allergies as it is cultured on them. However, newer production methodology means that this vaccine does not contain egg protein anymore. I can recall as a kid getting HUGE goose-eggs from MMR vaccines... it was the egg component. The MMR is even safe to give to [i]my[/i] DD, who is very very sensitive to egg. (So sensitive that a flu vax is utterly out of the question, split doses or not)

Maybe it was habit? Or... [img][/img] nope, can't think of a reason. Maybe the nurse had just scarfed down a handful of something???

Really, gelatin and latex are the two I would expect to be asked about...


On Mar 2, 2006

apparently eggs because of what somones brought up, and nuts because people with dogdy immune systems, e.g a serious nutallergy are more likley to have certain side effects. I was not given the mmr booster because my mum decided no t to (shes a medical proffesional btw!)

On Mar 2, 2006

Really? No egg in MMR? My allergist specifically sent a letter to my doctor stating she CAN have the MMR despite being allergic to eggs and my doctor double checked it to make sure. That's strange. I wonder if it depends where you live... Hmm....I'm going to look into this! I'm intrigued.

As for being asked about nuts -- I have no idea. No doctor has ever cared that she is allergic to peanuts when discussing any medication, illness or vacination.

On Mar 2, 2006

MMR is safe for egg allergics now.

Nuts? Theres no reason to even be discussing that IRT MMR.


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On Mar 2, 2006

Thanks Jason.

My points exactly.


On Mar 2, 2006

Thanks everyone, hoping to speak to the nurse shortly, will keep you posted. Best wishes Jayne