Mimi\'s Cafe


So, Saturday night a friend was in from out of town, with her 2 [non-FA] kids, and after a big trip to meet the easter bunny and do some shopping, we headed over to olive garden for dinner [3 exhausted and overstimulated children in tow]. As could be expected on a weekend evening, it was crowded, our wait was 45 minutes. None of us thought the kids would make it that long before coming completely unhinged (especially me, since it was already past bedtime and he hadn't eaten yet!)... So we walked down to Mimi's Cafe (in case anyone is wondering, i live in Tucson, AZ, this is at Tucson Mall), to check out the food allergy situation (which I felt completely unprepared to do). I walk in and the hostess can immediatley seat us, but i ask her about the allergies, and she says, i dunno, its probably fine. I asked her to please get someone who DID know, since I didn't want my son to have a potentially fatal reaction in the restaurant. She got the manager, the manager explained that they have a thai peanut sauce for something, but it was kept separate from everything else, at this point my friend (i love her!) jumped in and asked if it was prepared there, or shipped to them, and they said it's sent to them. But then she recalled they serve nuts on several salads, another woman walked by saying they use macadamias in something else, and yeah. Ultimatley, we decided not to eat there, because they didn't seem to really know, and what they did know seemed like an awful lot of items for us to be comfortable with... We headed back to Olive Garden, which was absolutly fine, but overall i have to give a thumbs down to mimis. I read a very old thread that they have pbj on kids menu, which they didnt mention, but they just didnt seem to know or care, so we took our business elsewhere.