Milk Allergy Alerts!


I was doing some searching on milk allergies and found this site - [url=""][/url]

Here are some alerts I wanted to pass along:

Food Allergy Alert: McDonald's Fries Contain Milk & Wheat


The mom of a milk-allergic boy just sent in this information:

"I had a bad experience today and I wanted to warn everyone ........... ADVAIR, an inhaler for asthma and other allergies, has MILK protein in it. There were no warning labels. This prescription got past the pediatrician and the pharmacy that filled it. No one I talked to knew there was milk in this inhaler until they called the manufacturer. My son had a reaction and spent part of the day in the ER. Please let the others know so this won't happen to anyone else."

Ingredient Alert for Milk Allergy In the dental community a new product has been introduced that does contain milk protein. The company that manufactures the new product does have a milk allergy alert and a warning not to use it on milk allergic individuals. According to the dental company, it is safe for lactose intolerant individuals. A registered dental hygienist and mother of milk allergic children would like us to pass along the product name to avoid in the dental office and safety tips for our children during their dental visits. - Inform your dentist/hygienist of the milk allergy - remind them each hygiene visit. - Ask them to note in chart on treatment notes "NO PROSPEC MI" paste due to milk allergy. - Ask them to double check the paste being used to make sure it isn't the Prospec MI paste -This product is also used to soothe sensitive teeth using a custom made tray (bleaching tray), generally not used for routine fluoride applications. To be safe, request no Prospec MI be used in a tray for your child. RECALDENT tm (CCP-ACP) is the same product added in TriDent tm chewing gum and it is now available in professional strenth to an in-office dental product to help improve fluoride benefits, make teeth stronger and less sensitive. Product containing RECALDENT: - PROSPEC tm MI Paste which is applied by polishing teeth or used in a tray delivery system. It is a new product and many offices will not be aware of it yet. Other dental pastes do not have this ingredient present. Please share this information with your known milk allergic families and your dental office! Any questions please direct to your dental professional as this is only intended as an ingredient awareness alert.

On Apr 3, 2006

Thanks, very timely. We have a dentist's appt this week! I'll be sure to ask about the paste [img][/img] Meg