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Migraine Headaches related to allergies?

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My daughter's ped. diagnosed her with migraine headaches Sat. morning. He said they see this with allergy kids, although their is no scientific studies. I thought she had a virus the first couple of times. I only brought her in that morning because she had finished atibiotics Fri. and should not have been sick (in my opinion). Anyone else have children that suffer from migraines?

On Apr 17, 2000

My daughter is the one with the food allergies, but I have recently been diagnosed with migranes. You may want to watch her diet, bananas, cheese, and chocolate are common triggers for migranes. Anyway, I was recently started on Flonase nasal spray for allergy reasons and my migranes seem to have become a lot less sever and frequent.

Good luck!

On Apr 18, 2000

Thanks! She has used a nasal spray before for her allergies. I will contact her allergist and see about getting that again. He (ped.) did tell me that if we pay attention, we should be able to figure out what brings them on.

On Apr 18, 2000

Hi Rae,

I suffer from migraines and so doesn't my non-PA son (he's 15). The only allegy he has is to ammoxicillin. They are hereditary. My mom and brother suffer also. I've noticed with my son and me also, that we tend to get migraines when we are over-tired and really stressed. If he's been up late finishing a homework project, he'll most likely get a really bad headache the next morning. He also gets them if he is dehydrated, ie when he plays sports. Our ped told us to make sure he stays well-hydrated, lots of fluids when he is at gym or at sports. Foods do trigger it as well. For us, it's nitrates and nutra-sweet products, so we avoid those. We treat them with Tylenol and lots of sleep.

On Apr 18, 2000

Before her last one, I noticed the week before she was really tired. She would rest after school (not like her), and the teacher said she was wanting to sleep at school. Does anyone get tired days prior to the migraine? She also had minor headaches during this week I found out later from my sister-in-law (she had given her tylenol at school).

On Oct 4, 2000

I read somewhere (it's always "somewhere") that consuming nuts can trigger migraines. If this is the case, can these nut-triggered migraines be considered allergic reactions?

I suffer from nasty migraines but no food allergies. My migraines arrive with my PMS (fun let me tell you).

My 3yo pa son hasn't had any headaches that I could detect. Have any older pa children, who can verbalize what they're feeling, suffered from migraines as part of a reaction to nut/peanut exposure?

On Oct 4, 2000

My four year old son complains of a headache about once or twice a week sometimes. It has improved drastically since he has been on Zyrtec...but he still gets them.

I also experience migraines that were so bad that prescription pain killers would not relieve them. I know that I get them more frequent during the hayfever months (late Feb. thru June and then again from mid August until winter). I have severe allergies to pollens from grass, trees, weeds, and molds.

On Oct 4, 2000

I have migraines, I'm actually suffering one now. I do not have any food allergies but I know that my environmental allergies can trigger a migraine for me. So far, my children are only 5 and 3 so they haven't shown up in them yet. Also, I had something called "stomach migraine" as a child, which is very severe pain in your stomach with no cause. I only learned later in life that these were stomach migraines, after starting to get "real" ones at 17. It turns out that the pain I got in my stomach as a child is on the same side, my left, as my migraines are now. My parents would always ask me which side because they immediately thought appendix, but it was the wrong side for that. At any rate, I'm sure that they could probably be triggered by food allergies too and of course, there is the traditional list of foods that migraine sufferers are supposed to avoid anyway. I do use a nasal spray also for my allergies. As for the migraines, after 24 years, I seem back to square one in the treatment of them and they're certainly not getting any better! Good luck with your daughter and her migraines and best wishes!

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On Jan 18, 2001


I have to inform you all that migraines can be related to allergies. I'm allergic to nuts/peanuts and almost always have a terrible migraine when i'm having a reaction. It's for me one of the first signs..

On Jan 19, 2001

HI i was told that christopher could be having his headaches due to the allegies and asthma. They told us that the lack of oxygen was the reason. I believe this because if he gets a cold he gets a very bad headache and usually has asthma troubles with a cold. He has good eye sight so we know it isn't from needing glasses. My dad gets headaches and he was just diagnosed with asthma. Actually he has always had these symptoms and just needed a decent doctor. They put him on oxygen at bedtime and now when he gets a head ache he takes his oxygen mask and uses it for a few minutes and says it gets rid of his headache. Maybe a coinsidence,but if it works I told him go for it. Best wishes claire