Mexico and nut allergy



I'll be taking my 3.5 yr old sone with nut and other allergies to Mazatlan Mexico in January and wonder what experiences others have had. Apparently, its hard to find a condo with full kitchen, so we'll most likely be eating out alot. I don't speak much spanish, but I think I'll have a spanish-speaking friend of mine type up a notice that I can show at every restaurant we go to so the staff will understand our special needs. Anyone have advice? Thanks.

On Dec 6, 2002

My high school daughter took a Spanish Club visit to Mexico 1 1/2 yrs. ago.

The kids were warned not to drink the water, or eat fresh fruit and vegetables washed in the water. They were advised to use bottled water when they brushed their teeth and not to swallow water when taking a shower.

I don't know about allergies but I think it would be difficult to eat there because of all the spices/sauces in the cooking. There are McDonalds etc.

Can you take canned tuna, chicken, soups, fruits, crackers, vegetables with you? Maybe you could take a small electric skillet to warm up foods in... if there isn't a microwave available.

On Dec 7, 2002

I was in Mexico last January and don't remember seeing any nuts or peanuts. However, I stayed at a Resort that had purified water so there were lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. Also, the staff at the resort spoke English very well. I did not take my PA son and don't know if I would since I don't think that I would feel comfortable w/ the hospitals in Mexico...but I am still new to all of this. I would be a little weary about eating at a lot of the public restaurants since they aren't as safe. I would try to contact someone who is familiar w/ the area before leaving so that you have a list of some safe restaurants or you can do as the other poster suggested and travel w/ a bunch of different "safe" foods for your son.

On Dec 13, 2002

We have debating where in the Carribean we could take my PA son and feel safe, and so far we are batting a big zero on the places we can afford. I live in Texas, near the Mexican border, and I can tell you that there are plenty of nuts served in Mexico. They seem to be big on the hot and spicy roasted peanuts. Also, I think their mole dishes have some sort of nuts. And, I know that their hospital care is substandard compared to ours. Their is a problem in the border towns with them coming across the border to get free and better hospital care here in the states.

If anyone knows of a resonably priced resort in the Carribean that would be safe and have good hospital and emergency care, please let me know.

On Dec 24, 2002

Very interesting topic for me. We live in an area where there are many new Mexicans and therefore many Mexican restaurants. My 8 yr old PA daughter eats with us all the time. Never a problem. Of course she eats the things that we know what is inside of them. Usually on the menu they have descriptions. Last spring we went to visit relatives in Texas who live in a border town so we went into Mexico and shopped and had lunch. They knew the safe restaurants, that is, safe for all of us, hygiene wise. We all happen to speak Spanish, my in laws are Colombian and I teach Spanish as well. That helps the comfort level. Now, if we would go to Mexico in a resort area, I would make sure that I ate at the resort mostly if not soley. Also important phrases you can write to carry with you, might be. "No nuezes" NO Nuts. OR Mi hija/hijo tiene alergias de comida muy mala. My duaghter/son has food allergies really bad. If you find a really good place let me know. We'd be interested in going there, but the choice of resorts seems overwhelming. Arlene

On Jan 23, 2003

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On Feb 14, 2003

We vacation in Mexico every Spring break and have had no problems. We do not order mole, and ask the usual questions we would ask at any restaurant, and have had no problems. So far, we have always stayed at all-inclusive resorts or nice hotels because they have immediate access to English-speaking doctors. We have been to Cancun, Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta and Cozumel, and would recommend them all! I try to stay at Mexican-owned facilities rather than U.S., because I see much less peanut butter. I would never want to try a Club Med type place because of the American food. I always take extra epi-pens and translations of relevant phrases. The Mexican people are wonderful with children and take great care to make sure they are well-cared for. Go and enjoy!

On Mar 2, 2003

Hi all! I'm not quite sure if this message is too late, but maybe it can help someone else. :-) I'm a college student studying abroad right now in Mexico, and I also have a severe peanut allergy. In fact, my allergist indirectly warned me against coming to Mexico. But, I have been down here for 2 months so far and have not had any problems. Stay away from mole, and just ask if you're not sure. I tend to stay away from bakeries too, but i do that in the US anyways! I live in a suite with 7 other Mexican students who cook all of their meals in the suite, and I sitll have yet to see any kind of peanuts brought into the suite! So, you're fine if you stay away from mole, and any kind of bakery, or dessert type item that they sell on the streets. Oh yeah, stay away from the ice cream shops too, just like in the US, since you don't know if the scoop has been washed! :-) Have a good time and don't worry too much!